Fireside anal finger fuck

Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink and warming up her feet in woollen socks. Photo.
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Today’s festive filth is also late, because I’ve spent much of the last forty-eight hours napping by a fire while wrapped in a fluffy blanket. My day didn’t involve an anal finger fuck (sadly) but I have spent a lot of time thinking about my partners and play partners lubing up their fingers and slowly (very slowly) pushing them inside my ass.

Content note for consensual non-consent play and degradation.

You aren’t meant to fuck in front of the fire at your sister’s house. You aren’t meant to push back on to your partner’s fingers as they play with your asshole. You aren’t meant to squirm, your moans muffled by their hand, while they use the cover of darkness to do unspeakable things to you.

She hadn’t meant to fall asleep at all, but between the wine they’d shared that evening and the warmth of the stove she had dozed off. When she wakes up, her partner is spooning her and everything feels cooler and clearer. Their body is wrapped around her own and the blanket is covering them both.

“Hey,” she whispers pushing her arse back into their crotch. They grab her hip and growl gently into her ear in response:


She makes a sleepy noise of confusion – which is quickly silenced by their hand coming down over her mouth. Their other hand pinches her arse and she grunts at the sharp pain.

“Quiet, dirty bitch. If you don’t shut up everyone will hear you getting fucked.”

She knows what game and grins against their hand as she struggles to pull. Just as she knew it would, their grip tightens. Their weight on top of her, pinning her down, is overwhelming in a way that makes her wet. She fights back, but she knows it’s a fight she will lose. They’re stronger, and even though it’s dark apart from the glowing embers of the fire they can find all of her vulnerable places to poke and pinch.

“You can fight me, slut, but it will just hurt. You should just relax and let me use you.”

Their hand is tugging down her pyjama bottoms and spreading her ass cheeks. She shivers as their thumb presses against her asshole – not pushing inside, just teasing. Threatening. Fuck, they wouldn’t push inside without lube, would they? She struggles harder, because while she knows she can trust them, being held down like this makes her feel incredibly vulnerable. There’s no hint of reassurance in the stream of filth they’re hissing at her.

“Are you wet? Of course you are, you filthy bitch. I bet I wouldn’t need any lube to fuck you: I could just slide my fingers into your cunt and when they’re soaking I can push them into your ass.”

She squirms, wishing that their words didn’t make her even more eager for them to violate her like that. They pull their hand away from her mouth, and she goes to protest – or maybe moan. Before she can, though, they’re stuffing two fingers from their other hand into her mouth. They reach the back of her throat and keep pushing, making her gag. She wriggles, but he adds another finger and chuckles in her ear as she chokes.

“Little slut needs my nice, think fingers inside her, doesn’t she? She needs to be stretched and filled and reminded that if she will fall asleep instead of coming to join me in the guest room, I really have to fuck her in a place where we could so easily be caught to remind her of her place.”

Spluttering as they pull out their fingers she tries once again to escape, only to find their legs between hers, forcing them apart. The fingers pressed against her asshole are now wet, but not wet enough for them to push them inside. Or maybe they would, and it would burn as they stretched her out and fucked her…

“You’re going to take my fingers and you’re going to love it – I know what a filthy little bitch you are. You can pretend to fight, but it’s because you want me to overpower you and fuck you into submission.” They keep talking, hiding the sound of the packet of lube they open and squeeze over their fingers. “Now, are you going to be good for me, or am I going to have to hurt you?”

She doesn’t make a sound, just buries her head in her arms and presents her arse to them. Just the tip of just one finger slides inside, and it feels so good.


Their other hand goes back over her mouth, cutting off her sound of pleasure and making her helpless to do anything but let them push their fingers inside her. Fuck fuck fuck, it was almost too much, almost too painful, but it wasn’t. Taking their fingers is so different to taking a butt plug for them – somehow simultaneously more intimate and dirty, because they can feel their fingers twist and burrow deeper into her ass.

She feels dirty and exposed and completely at their mercy. It feels glorious and so twisted and wrong, and it’s hard to think about anything but the fingers slowly working their way in and out of her ass, she faintly remembers complaining that they wouldn’t be able have sex while staying at her sister’s house.

They had laughed at her, and told her not to be so sure that her fuck holes would escape so lightly. If she was getting an anal finger fuck on Christmas eve, she wondered what else they had planned for her. She wasn’t sure it could be better than how good it felt to lie in front of the fire with their cool, lubed-up fingers playing with her ass.

“Don’t you think for even a second that I’m going to let you come, slut, no matter how much you like this.”

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  1. Ungf. I love everything about this other than there isn’t lots more! Well done!

  2. And now I’d like to fall asleep by the fire and wake up with JB in one of these moods. 🙂

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