Blogger positivity: December’s shit

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This is my last Share Our Shit Saturday post for 2019, and I’m posting this with quiet pride that I’ve managed to stick to my goal of publishing one blogger positivity post a month instead of beating myself up for not being able to join in weekly. I hope you enjoy this final round-up, this time with my favourite pieces of December’s sex positive shit.

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A to Sub Bee – H is for…

I don’t often share photos in my monthly round-ups – I’m such a words girl through and through – but the energy of this one is amazing. And, I’m not going to lie, it is also incredibly hot. There’s not only one but two deliciously hard cocks, one of which is a bisexual strap-on dildo that seems to simply scream out all sorts of devious ways to use it in one’s fucking. Seriously, go check it out because it’s spectacular.

Knkstriped – Posh Boy

You know those blog posts that make you ache to be fucked? I thought it would take more than a fantastic piece of filth to distract me from the depression election results, butĀ fuck this one pushed a lot of my buttons. Zebra Rose’s words make me shiver and squirm, and the dynamic she describes in a past encounter between herself and a Tory with a knicker-twisting posh accent is incredibly hot. I wanked hard over several sentences.

Coffee & Kink – Love Shouldn’t Be a Game of Mao

Please pay attention to the content warnings (explicit discussion of abusive dynamics and brief mention of sexual assault) but Amy’s writing in this post is incredible. She digs into personal experiences and abusive relationships, sharing both vulnerability and advice. It’s a post that is hard to read, but a conversation we absolutely need to have. I know she struggled with the decision of whether to publish this one, and I’m really, really glad she did.

Mx Nillin – Moving On When You Canā€™t Stop Holding On

I’ve been devouring everything Mx Nillin has written this month hungrily, because their honesty in sharing their post-break-up emotions is powerful. Moving on is hard, and we can’t always jump straight into acting as though everything is fine – especially if we’re struggling to let go of someone. Nillin shares their experiences in andĀ  reminds us that it’s sometimes important to embrace the awkward in-between-ness of a relationship.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Tomorrow is another (Christmas) day

Molly made me cry again with this blog post, which is why I’m again telling y’all to go read her work. I have so much admiration for the raw vulnerability that has featured in so much of Molly’s writing over the last few months. She’s shared sadness, anger, and (maybe scariest of all) hope, and I hope she’s found catharsis in doing so. I’m wishing her all the good things in 2020, and hope that 2020 holds a lot more happiness for her.

The Smutlancer – December 2019 Mailbag Episode

The final Smutlancer Spotlight spot of the year obviously has to go to Molly and Kayla, whose monthly mailbag podcast episodes make me look forward to Mondays in a way I never thought I could. In this particular podcast episode they tackle goal setting, dealing with guilt, and how to market yourself as a sex blogger. As always, listening to them talk filled me with inspiration to go out there and be by best sex-blogging self.

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  1. Thank you for picking that post. When I started writing it I was feeling pretty down but in writing it I managed to transform that mood. Writing can sometimes be magic like that


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