Over-the-knee sofa spanking

An afab person is lying over her partner's lap, wearing blue panties and with her ass cheeks turned red from spanking. Photo.

I love it when I can take enough pain to leave me with marks – even if they’re just fast-fading pink arse cheeks after a spanking. When my partner told me that this particular sofa spanking had left me with such marks, I quickly asked them to snap a photo for me.

Photo taken by my beautifully sadistic partner, who had fun turning me into their own little trans flag. 

I smile looking at this photo, because I can remember how good I felt squirming under my partner’s hand. It was the first time I had lain over their lap for a spanking, and I felt delightfully small and submissive. The spanking hurt, of course, but I managed to slip into the headspace where I can embrace the pain, enjoying the build and burn as well as how wet I’m getting.

I can’t often find that place – often pain is just stingy and while I get off on it as a submissive slut who wants sadists to hurt her, I am enduring the pain rather than embracing it. This time I wanted them to keep going – I felt safe and cared for, lying there in their lap. I was even craving sharp slaps as opposed to my usually preferred thuddy smacks.

I’m hoping there’ll be another sofa spanking in my near future, especially if I can find the headspace where I can accept the pain.

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  1. This is a very erotic photo, Quinn. if your intent was to titillate… mission accomplished. It’s been a while since I have spanked a bottom and you have brought back fond memories. Sexual pain can be wonderful.

  2. That what you’re describing is so relatable. I feel submissive from the pain but mostly I am focused on ‘surviving’ and holding out for someone. It’s rare that I feel safe enough that I can let go and actually enjoy the moment and the pain but when I do, it’s blissful and I’m smiling knowing that this picture makes you smile and reminds you of the spanking where you felt that

  3. I do love a pink bottom, but am rarely left with any marks. Love this xx

  4. Spanked blushes are always lovely and I’m sure your “spanker” enjoyed the “build and burn” just as much as you. I know I always do !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. I find that I need pleasure with the pain to really get anywhere as the pain on its own brings up my defences rather than letting them down. Having said that, an OTK spanking has to be my favourite way to take it as the connection is so amazing. I don’t tend to mark much from it these days as I think my arse has toughened up but you look radiant with your pink cheeks and this is a gorgeous image 😊

  6. Oh it is a wonderful thing when a spanking takes you to that place where is just feels gooooodddd.


  7. I love a good over the knee spanking! It makes me feel small and submissive too. I am just like you: I don’t mark easily, but the pink after a spanking, I get too! Awesome picture!

  8. Oh this is interesting, I find it hard to get into the head space too and sometimes feel I’m enduring it (no bad thing) but it’s so lovely when you get there. Thanks for sharing x

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