Getting cocky: sucking his dick from soft to hard

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Today I’d like to introduce the newest member of my blog’s character cast: The Nerd, because we followed a very civilised coffee date with very hot hotel sex. He fucked me with rope and hurt me in all sorts of deliciously sadistic ways, but the highlight of the evening just might be the blow job. I love sucking dick, so today I’m going to talk about the magical experience of sucking him from soft to hard.

Content note for blow jobs and overuse of the word ‘hot’ – though in my defence it was a VERY hot fuck. 

I’m a little bit cocky about my blow job skills.

Ok, yes: more accurately one could call it smug, but it’s justified. I’m good at giving head. Of course, new partners don’t know this. All they know is that I’m being a bit cocky about how good I am, and they think it’s unfounded cockiness. Which is – reasonably enough – what the Nerd assumed. He assumed that people had said complimentary things to me after blow jobs (as is only polite to do, frankly) and I was overestimating my abilities. He wasn’t going to call me out on my cockiness, but he wasn’t expecting to deliver.

A little cock sucking happened earlier in the evening, when my arms where tied behind my back and he could slide his cock right into my fucking throat. It was overwhelming and intense and I felt helpless as he fucked my face. It was hot and so many of my favourite pervy things.

I couldn’t show off then, though. But after a interlude (which involved cuddling and my insecurities about being needy, because I know is such a turn on for folks I’m having casual sex with) I got to suck his dick again. This time he was lying on his back on the bed, boxers . Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t hard after the conversation we’d just been having, which meant I got the pleasure of sucking his dick from soft to hard.

Taking a soft dick in your mouth is a delight – in my opinion at least. You don’t have to love it, but I do – it feels intimate in an incredibly hot way. I enveloped his dick with my mouth, burying my nose in his pubes and breathing him in. When I start sucking a soft dick, I do what feels good for me as much as what I’m guessing will feel good for them: my mouth on the satin-soft skin of a dick feels good.

Part of me – the part that cannot stop anxious, even when I’m fucking – was worried. What if I couldn’t make him hard? What if previous partners had just been being nice about my blow job skills and they were below average? I can bring bucket-loads of enthusiasm to sucking dick, but enthusiasm with no technique is rarely enough to get someone off.

It’s important to note that not being able to make your partner hard with your mouth does not mean you’re not good at giving head. Additionally, oral sex is not only a success if it ends with an orgasm. I know this, and theoretically believe this. In practice, though, I know I’d have been hard on myself if I couldn’t make the Nerd come. I wanted to impress him.

When I started sucking his dick, it was soft. When I stopped to catch my breath, I noticed that his dick was a little less soft and a little bigger. Ignoring my anxiety in favour of channelling my inner cock slut, I kept going. I couldn’t feel him growing as I sucked him: I was focussed on nothing but how his dick felt in my mouth. And it felt really good.

If you haven’t worked this out yet, I love sucking cock. When he’d forced me to my knees earlier – considerately giving me a pillow to kneel on – and asked me what he should do to me next, I’d squirmed and grinned like – and I quote – ‘the cat who’s about to get the cream’. There’s lots of things I like about giving blow jobs, but one of them is just how satisfying it feels to have a cock in my mouth.

Also, sucking dick makes me feel powerful.

Maybe especially when I’m sucking a dick from soft to hard, because I can take all the credit for the steadily growing dick in my mouth. did that to you. I made you hard. I’m making you make those ridiculously hot noises as you try to control your breathing but it’s getting faster and more ragged. can turn you on and fuck you with my mouth and make you come.

His was gloriously hard when I sat back for a minute, experimenting with different touches and trying to gauge from his guarded reactions how he liked his dick to be touched. I used my hand and my mouth together, speeding up as his breathing raced. His dick was my sole concentration and my body was tight with delicious tension as I encouraged him closer and closer to the edge of an orgasm.

And then he was ordering me – well, begging me really – to put my mouth back on his cock. He came, and I caught most of his come in my mouth. I made sure he was watching before I cutely licked a stray drop off my finger.

“I’m better than you expected I would be, aren’t I?”

I’m not even trying to hide my grin at this point, but when he gestured for me to lie down next to him I obeyed. I don’t drop it though, even though I was pretty sure that even he would now see why I take pride in my cock sucking.

“So, did I promise anything I couldn’t deliver?”

“You… exceeded expectations.”

I giggled as I burrowed into his side, enjoying the moment of post-orgasm bliss even though it wasn’t my orgasm. I was thoroughly fucked, and it felt amazing.

Oh, and he agreed I’m allowed to be a little bit cocky about my blow job skills. 1-nil to the brat, I think.


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  1. Yes. Yes. YES. An absolutely fantastic post!

  2. Nothing wrong with being cocky or proud of your skills. Those skills are not often found with everyone. I love to have my cock sucked when it is soft and I become harder, which does not happen often, as I am usually in some state of erection by the time I’ve been unzipped.

  3. Yum! Excellent writing, too. A delightful illustration that made me feel like I was almost there.

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