My favourite filthy words this February

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I’m a word slut. I write erotica every week, I’m very into sexting, and the fastest way to turn me on is some carefully composed words. I spend a lot of time thinking about the words I want to use to describe sex, so today favourite filthy words about fucking to use this February.

Content note for consensual non-consent. 

A lot of my favourite filthy words have changed a lot since I last wrote a post like this, and most of them aren’t new to February 2020. They are, however, words that have come up a lot this month, and sometimes in the context of making me come.


I’ve described myself as a slut since I started sex blogging, but nowadays I’m also up for being called slutty. There’s something gritty and dirty about it, something a little degrading that plays perfectly into my kinks right now. I’m not just a slut, I’m slutty: I will do filthy things just because I’m told to, because someone wants me to debase myself for their amusement. I want to confess all of my slutty thoughts so everyone knows all the depraved things I want to do. No, all the slutty, depraved things I want other people to do to me.


I’ve always been a fan of cock – both the word and the but recently I’ve found the word dick more and more powerful. There is something a little more casually filthy about it, as though someone could push me under their desk and force me to suck them off while still maintaining a conversation with someone else. They could point at their dick, thick and hard in their jeans, and expect me to get on my knees, then use use my mouth in an off-hand fashion that shouldn’t make my dick half as hard as it does. And the phrase “a good dicking” is really doing things for me right now.


There’s a post still to be written about being called a bitch in a cisheteropatriarchal society, but that doesn’t change the fact that being called a bitch turns me on even more than being called a slut does. There’s something raw about the word; something rough and dirty that fits with how I’m feeling right now. It suggests humiliation, being reduced to a set of fuck holes, being painfully and forcefully reminded of my place. I want to be degraded, in the way I’m fucked and the words I’m called, and being called a bitch makes my dick hard and my cunt clench.


I love struggle fucking and being made to obey: I’m a bratty switch who will rarely do what ze’s told and like being forced to do what I’m told. I have a bit of a kink for consensual non-consent, and right now the word violate is helping me explore some of those darker fantasies. Yes, you can fuck my mouth with your cock or fingers, or my arse with a butt plug, but you can also violate it. There’s an element of violence and coercion to it that works for me… even when it’s being used to describe how you’re fucking my belly button after spitting in it.


There’s something very hot to me right now about being told to bend over and brace myself. Whether so it’s so I can be spanked, beaten or fucked, the idea that I have to brace in preparation so I can take whatever they’re about to give me is utterly delicious. I can imagine myself trying to hold myself in an uncomfortable position – tense with anticipation – while a dominant tells me how exactly hard they’re going to fuck me and exactly what they’ll do me if I I’m not braced, not prepared, not quiet while they use me like the slutty boy I am.


It has escaped no one’s notice – let alone the sadists I flirt with – that sadistic has become a treasured jewel in the lexicon in my favourite filthy words. It expresses so many of the things I’m craving right now – someone who will hurt me because they get off on it, with no regard (in fantasy, at least) for whether or not I like it. In fact, a sadist would probably prefer it if I don’t like it, and would find a way to twist my words into something they can use against me to make me squirm. And the sadistic glee in their eyes is exactly what I want right now.

What are your favourite filthy words at the moment? Come find me on Twitter or Instagram to share the words that you most want to hear while fucking right now! 

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