Spank my cunt (but call it my dick)

I love having my junk spanked. I never feel like a bad pain slut if I have to tap out after just a few smacks. Someone is applying pain directly to my genitals; that’s meant to hurt in an overwhelming way. Spreading your legs and holding yourself open so someone can spank your cunt is incredibly vulnerable – but not as vulnerable as asking them to call it your dick.

Content note for CBT (in this instance cock and ball torture, not cognitive behavioural therapy).

Coming out as trans means I can share some of the ways I’ve been fucking with gender while fucking. While I’m currently identifying as genderqueer and genderfluid, using masc-leaning words don’t only feel good but feels really hot.

Especially when it comes to my junk.

My current blogging schedule means I keep joining in with Sinful Sunday on prompt week. While I’m not sure I fill the frame in this photo in a traditional sense, I feel I am spilling outside of it because of the language I’m using to describe my body right now. In this photo my enboifriend isn’t spanking my cunt, they are spanking my dick – there is more in the photo than you can see.

Lots of my partners have spanked my junk before, because I’m a bratty sub and a few sharp smacks will often remind me of my place. However, there’s something filthy and taboo and gender affirming about them hurting my junk while calling it my dick. It’s something I want to explore a lot more in future fucking.

So spank my dick, pretty please. It will make me so, so hard.

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Sinful Sunday is run by the wonderful Molly Moore – click the kiss for more sins…

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Fuck me hard as a reminder that I'm your slut
Sharing sex positive shit: February 2020


  1. I actually really enjoy this too – in fact, I have been known not to say I do so my OH thinks it’s punishment rather than pleasure 0:)

  2. I agree, genital smacks are HOT AF and such a great avenue for kink and gender aware experiences to happen simultaneously. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Words have such power don’t they. They can make us feel totally who we are or jarr with our souls. I’m so happy that you are exploring, discovering and speaking so openly about who you are and what a difference this words make.

  4. I love the image and also like to be smacked in that way. But also I love the post as a whole and the way you are working through your feelings to determine who you are.

  5. Firstly oh my this is a seriously HOT image. I seriously can’t stop looking at it. It just gives me tingly feels

    And as for the words. I recently used the words ‘suck my dick’ in context where I was annoyed. In the past I would have always said kiss my arse. I have no idea where it came from but it not only felt really satisfying I was rather surprised by the little jolt of sexual desire it gave me. Learning new shit about yourself is such an amazing thing.


  6. I love getting my cunt spanked. And I always try to not wuss out too early! So I can relate. I can see how it must be superhot to call it your dick instead, and look at it as CBT, Awesome stuff!

  7. Love the image, buts that’s maybe because I like spanking my partners genitals. Always produces giggles.

  8. I can only take a couple of spanks on my cunt before begging for it to stop, it’s still damn hit though!

  9. I love spanking my genitals such a turn on for me. That combined with pinching my nipples can make me cum

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