Eroticon traditions: new jeans and dildos in my handbag

Somewhat blurry but still sexy photo of an afab person in purple skinny jeans and a strap-on harness with a large turquoise dildo. Photo.

I may not be at Eroticon this year, but there are traditions to uphold. Traditions like debuting a new pair of jeans at the Friday night Meet and Greet, and carrying dildos around in my handbag all weekend, just in case. I don’t have to be in London this weekend to draw strength from the sex blogging community.

I’m also not out having adventures tonight, but I still had fun getting dressed up. Picking out these purple skinny jeans involved an extensive conversation about whether or not they’d go with my dildos. It was decided that the jeans would go with my 8-inch Adam dildo from Godemiche, which I have in the gorgeous Nebula colours.

However, even though no Eroticon means no traditions like fucking friends I don’t see anywhere else, I’ve still been thinking about those fucks. And in my careful contemplations of the sex I’m not having this weekend, I’ve decided that this dildo does go well with these jeans… but a Hercules Galaxy would look even better.

Maybe by Eroticon 2021 I’ll have one, but for now the Nebula will have to do. Not that I have any strap-on sex scheduled in right now – I should change that. Though tradition does state that by next year I’ll have a new pair of jeans… I guess they’ll have to match the new dildo too.

Because I’m deviating from my usual sex blogging schedule to share this, I also want to shout out Molly Moore, who is a complete badass who inspires me every time I open Twitter and does so much for our community. This week she had to make a really hard decision, and I’m sending her all my support.

Eroticon 2020 might not have happened, but I’m sure I’ll be there next year with new jeans and at least two dildos in my handbag. Just in case.

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I'm sorry, I'm trying to apologise less


  1. Aww thank you lovely for your kind words. It has been a hugely stressful time indeed.

    Also this picture is fucking awesome


  2. That’s one stunning attachment. It does look good with those pants.

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