Coffee shop kisses and a cute girl with cuffs in her bag

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This filthy idea appeared on a day I was supposed to be scheduling blog posts in Starbucks, and instead all I could think about was exchanging hot, hungry kisses with a girl who just happened to have a paid of cuffs in her bag. However, IĀ would like to make it clear that I have never airdropped my nudes to anyone while writing in a coffee shop.

Content note for initially non-consensual nudes. Also for making out with hot strangers in public bathrooms, which is definitely NOT what one should be doing during a global pandemic. Stay safe, y’all.Ā 

I would like to be clear that I did not airdrop my nude to everyone in the coffee shop.

Technically, I didn’t even airdrop it to the girl in the red corduroy skirt and the cute button boots… but I may have tapped rather haphazardly, so as well as transferring them to my laptop, they may also have flashed up on her phone for a second. Just for a second, because as soon as I realise my mistake I correct it, but the look she shoots me across the room makes it clear that she did see them.


I don’t want to be one of those people who sends unsolicited naked photos. I’m not someone who sends unsolicited naked photos. Except now I am, and the girl who saw my nudes is walking across the coffee shop to me. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“From how embarrassed you look, I’m guessing that was you who briefly asked my phone if I wanted to accept that picture?”

Although I didn’t think it would be possible, my cheeks flush a darker red.

“I’m so sorry. It was a mistake: I promise I’m going to stop editing my nudes in coffee shops -”

“No, it’s ok. After all, it’s not every day a cute enby almost sends me photos of them looking glorious in a strap-on. That was you, right? If not, then would you set me up with your friend with that lovely thick dildo.”

I’m still blushing, but I raise my eyes to meet hers. She bites her lip nervously, but she’s grinning.

“I’m joking, by the way. I think you’re very attractive and I get awkward when I try to tell folks who I’m into that I think they’re cute? And I noticed you before – when I came in, I mean – which is how I knew it was you in the photo.”

She’s blushing too now, and it’s adorable. I take a deep breath, and decide that she really doesn’t seem mad. And she is very, very pretty. You shouldn’t hit on the person you accidentally sent your nudes to, but…

“Can I buy you a coffee?”

“If by coffee you mean hot chocolate, then yes please.”

Fifteen minutes later we’re both bent over my laptop, working through a yes-no-maybe list. She’s rescued her things from her table, and she’s still blushing – plus giggling and hiding her face in her hands when I ask her to tell me exactly what she likes about being spanked.

“You’re being mean.”

“I’m just asking you a simple question, how is that being mean?” I lean forward, lowering my voice. “But if I was being mean to you, I think you’d be into it.”

She pouts, and all I want to do is kiss her.

“Well, if you won’t tell me why you want to be bent over my lap and spanked until you’re squealing and squirming and your arse is red, I guess we should move on. How do you feel about bondage? No, how do you feel about me using my hand to encircle your wrists so I can hold them tightly while I kiss you?”

“I’d like that,” she says, blushing.

She’s still blushing, but also a endearingly breathless, when I pull away thirty seconds later. I grin at her, but don’t let go of her wrists. This time, she leans in to kiss me.

“Aww, are you all turned on, just by making out with me?”

“Maybe. Maybe I’m so turned on that I’m going to confess that all I can think about right now is you finger fucking me in the bathroom.”

I almost let out a moan: the way she says that is so enticing and I’m so hot for her right now.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I only have twenty minutes before I’m due in a meeting. And fucking you… well, that feels like something I want to take my time over. I’d want to devour you until you come again and again, screaming my name.”

“I mean, I hope you will fuck me like that. But IĀ do have a pair of cuffs in my bag right now, so can I not tempt you to give this cute subby girl more than a few kisses?”

“Well, being as you asked so nicely… show me the cuffs?”

She smirks as she grabs her bag and opens it, revealing a pair of brown leather cuffs.Ā Of course, now all I want to do was to put those cuffs on her, so I can make out with her while she feels vulnerable and exposed and watch her blush as I growl good girl in her ear between kisses.

“You’d look so good with those cuffs making you nice and helpless so I can fuck you. And I guess I have five minutes…”

Fifteen minutes later, when she’s coming around three of my fingers, I agree that she does look very, very good with those cuffs on her wrists. Especially when my hand is pressed over her mouth so she doesn’t make a sound while orgasms. And as her come is dripping down my wrist and all thoughts of getting to my meeting have been abandoned, I want to see what sounds she makes when I stimulate her over-sensitive clit.

I do love having cute girl at my mercy, with her tights around her ankles and her hands cuffed so she can’t bat my hand away.

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