Initiation fuck: keep your hands behind your back

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This filth is inspired by Molly Moore’s compliance-kink-meets-honour-bondage smut. I’ve been trying to write this story, or one like it, for a while, but today I managed to push past my fear that it would be unrealistic and just make it as hot as possible. It’s a filthy locker room fuck, yes, but it’s more than that: it’s an endurance challenge, an initiation by gang-bang.

Content note for consensual non-consent, degradation and choking on dick. 

When you join their team, they don’t tell you that the hard part isn’t earning their respect on the pitch. It’s proving yourself in the changing room afterwards.

Not that Noah knows that as he strips off and steps into the shower after his first match with them. He’s comfortingly oblivious to what’s about to happen to him as he closes his eyes and tilts his head back, enjoying the hot water running over his aching muscles.

Until a hand encircles the base of his cock.

His eyes shoot open and it’s Mark who’s holding his dick. Mark with his muscles and his filthy grin and a sizeable bulge in his shorts that makes Noah much less embarrassed about the fact his dick is now very, very hard in Mark’s hand. He tries to twist away but Mark just tightens his grip and smirks.

“None of that, pretty boy. If you want to be part of the team you’re going to do exactly what you’re told, understand?”

He swallows thickly and nods.

“You may have shown us that you’re pretty good on the pitch, but did you really think that there wasn’t another test? There’s a reason we’re so good: it’s because we’re close. No secrets, no boundaries. We’ve all gone through this, which is why we’re going to have so much fun doing it to you.”

Mark tugs on his dick, forcing him to follow him out of the shower block. Noah doesn’t think he’s ever felt more vulnerable, being led by his embarrassingly hard dick into an eager circle of his new teammates. Strong hands on his shoulders force him to drop to his knees. He shifts uncomfortably in the pause that follows, less aware of the hard tiles beneath him than of the hard dicks that are suddenly at eye-height.

They’re eyeing him hungrily. Noah’s mouth is suddenly very dry.

“Put your hands behind your back and keep them there. You have so much control on the pitch: show us that you can control yourself here while we fuck you. Keep your hands behind your back and don’t you dare come.”

“Or what?” he asks, forcing bravado that he doesn’t feel into his voice.

“Or this becomes much less an initiation fuck, and much more us showing you what we’ll do to you if you make us lose.”

Before Noah can process those filthy words, Liam has stepped forward and grabbed a handful of his hair to force Noah’s head back and his mouth open. He’s seen Liam’s cock before when they’ve changed after practice last week; it’s seems even bigger when it’s being pushed into his throat than when Noah watched him soap it up under the shower.

He does his best to suck his team captain off, but it quickly turns to him choking on Liam’s cock while he holds Noah’s in head place and brutally fucks his mouth. He can barely breath, but he concentrates on gripping his wrists to keep his hands behind his back. Liam’s strength and stamina is obvious in the speed and efficiency with which uses Noah’s mouth, but he doesn’t come down his throat. Instead he steps back, slapping Noah’s cheek lightly with the head of his cock.

“Ok boys, who’s next?”

On the pitch they played as a team and Noah was included, but now they’re fucking him as a team and their camaraderie isn’t extended to him. They’re ruthless when they play, but perhaps more so when they’re working together to fuck their newest teammate.

Fourteen dicks, all hard and leaking pre-cum. Just like Noah’s, not that his is getting any attention. It’s painfully hard and the head is as red and shiny as his flushed cheeks – even as he concentrates on keeping his balance with his hands behind him, he can hear what they’re saying about him. They’re spurring each other on, and it’s the back of his throat that their cocks are butting against.

“C’mon Alec, fuck him harder – he can take more than that.”

“Can you help him in place while I come down his throat Finn? I want him to swallow every drop of my spunk.”

“He looks so cute choking on your cock Asher.”

It’s not just a fuck, it’s an initiation. Each thrust comes with a challenge: can he keep his hands behind his back while they take it in turns to roughly use his mouth? He can until Theo’s dick, which is thick and twitching in his throat. He needs to breath, and without thinking he moves his hands to push at Theo’s thighs. He backs off, leaving Noah panting heavily his face covered in spit and pre-cum.

After the onslaught of face-fucking, it takes Noah a minute to realise what he’s done. When he does, he looks up to find that his teammates are grinning wolfishly down at him.

“He lasted longer than I expected, I’m almost impressed. I guess Theo gets to work his ass open, but don’t worry boys, you’ll all get a chance to fuck him. Do you think we should let him come after we’ve all had a go?”

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