Starry knickers and a galaxy dick

Afab person in blue starry knickers wearing a black strap-on harness with a large blue-green dildo in it. Photo.

Wearing a strap-on can be gender affirming and make me feel powerful and sexy… but it can also just about having fun in starry knickers. The last few weeks have been super hard, but they’veĀ also involved some dancing around my flat, wiggling my dick and giggling.

As well as embracing wanking from home in an attempt to reconnect with my body, I’m trying to focus on self-care while social distancing. One thing I’m trying to do is get dressed every day and put together cute outfits – which sometimes involves also picking out the sex toys that match them.

And that’s how I found out that my starry knickers go really well with my ‘I’m a feminist but‘ t-shirt and my Godemiche galaxy dildo.

I took this photo organically last week to send to someone I was flirting with and absolutely loved it. However, there was way too much personal and potentially identifying crap in the background, so I had to retake a version that I was comfortable with sharing on my blog.

The photo is different, obviously but the important things are the same: the straps of my harness hanging down my legs, the way my knickers bunch up at the back, and the way my tummy curves out over the top of the harness and the band of my knickers. And, of course, the starry knickers and my glorious galaxy dick.

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  1. We have discussed gender, power and straps AT LENGTH, and i love this pic all the more for that. I’m also a sucker for the coordinating space theme. I think we can all agree this look is out of this world!

  2. Great photo! I love how self care looks different to everyone.

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