Raspberry nipple

An efab person lies on their back on red bedsheets, raspberries on their nipples. Photo.

“Often, we melt into our ecstasies as though they were jams, as though we were sinking into syrupy bowls of gooseberries, of raspberries, of bilberries.”

~ Violette Leduc

Have you ever tried balancing a raspberry on your hard, aching nipple? Taking this week’s photo involved pinching my nipples until they were stiff so the raspberries would stay in place. Which, to be honest, is the kind of suffering for your art that I can really get into.

The problem is that now I want someone to pin me down to carefully eat a raspberry off my nipple. I want them to twist that nipple viciously while grinning at me sadistically, making it clear that they will make me writhe in pain but still punish me if the other raspberry falls.

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  1. This made me laugh but it’s beautiful 😍

  2. Raspberry are one of my favourite fruit but I will never look at then in quite the same way again


  3. Raspberries are so perfect for how they look and taste as well as how fragile they are. It makes them perfect for some scenes.

  4. Ha ha, this is fabulous. Well done for the balancing act!

  5. Wonderful balancing. Seeing your raspberry nipples has given me a ripple, a frisson of excitement. PS, I haven’t been on your blog for a while and I must say the look of it is superb. Very fresh and modern.

  6. I do love to tease a tantalisingly tasty bit of fruit with my tongue.

  7. This is such a good/creative idea. This almost seems like a painting to me, I love this picture and I can certainly get the appeal of someone twisting that nipple while you’ve been given the impossible task to keep the raspberry right there!

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