Face sitting while they tease her dick

Trans woman with painted nails lies on the floor, pulling down her black jeans to reveal turquoise lacy underwear. Photo.
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Today I was thinking about the vulnerability of sitting on someone’s face, and how my legs shake when I try to hold myself above them. I ended up writing about dominant face sitting – the kind when you just want to tease the fuck out of the person beneath you. This filth features a trans lesbian (she/her) and her genderfluid girlfriend (they/them).

Content note for degradation. 

They don’t even let her get as far as the bed.

Letting her get as far as the bed would give her dignity; sitting on her face, right there on the living room carpet, shows her who is in charge. It shows her that they cannot wait a second longer, and whether it gets them off is far more important than whether it humiliates her.

Not that humiliating her isn’t part of why this is so hot for both of them.

They make-out on the sofa first, groping and giggling, until her dick and their nipples are hard. They pretend not to notice the bulge in her jeans and deliberately don’t brush their hand against it like they usually would. That’s what she wants them to do, but this is about what they want. She’s used to their hard, quick fucks, not drawn-out kisses and such whispered words that turn her on but aren’t enough.

They work her up to the point where she’s desperate for more, then they order her to lie on her back on the floor while they strip. She blushes and they grin and she moans when they still don’t touch her dick, even though they tug her jeans down to reveal how her lacy knickers are stretched obscenely over her erection. They carefully pull them down until her cock springs free, but they pull their hand away sharply and she whines – part frustration, part need.

“Fuck, do you want me to beg? Please, I need you to touch -”

Then they’re swinging a leg across her body and she doesn’t finish speaking because suddenly they’re straddling her and she’s looking up at their wet cunt. Her arms go up instinctively, taking the weight of her girlfriend in her hands as they lower themselves over her face. Fuck, she can smell their arousal.

“I don’t need to do anything: you need to shut up and put your mouth to work. Tongue-fuck my cunt, bitch.”

The confidence with which they sit on her face and demand she eats them out is ridiculously hot. It’s also incredibly overwhelming as they grind down her face and she breaths in the sticky heat of their cunt. Her hands grip their hips, giving her a little breathing space, but nothing like enough to give her any control. They’re the one in control, and all she can do is try her best to find their clit with her tongue.

All she can taste is their wetness, the rich scent of their arousal is in her nostrils, and their weight is pinning her down. There’s something so dirty about being trapped on the floor underneath them, something so undignified about being dressed while they’re naked. She’s restricted by her clothes, awkward and far too warm; they’re graceful as they grind down on her face and her chin until her cheeks are slippery with their wetness and her mouth and her nose are full of them.

They’re on top of her – they’re everywhere – and her dick is so hard.

And while she can’t touch it with them sitting on her face, they can tease it. They reach back and curl their hand around the head of her dick, squeezing gently. They smirk as drag a fingernail up the thick, prominent vein that runs from the base to the head of her cock. She whines, and they reward her with a few gentle strokes before pulling their hand away and leaving her dick twitching.

“Sitting your face makes you so squirmy, it’s so fun to tease you when you’re this helpless. Which do you want more, to taste my orgasm like this or for me to sit down on your poor, aching cock?”

It’s hard to answer a question like that when your tongue is inside the asker, and her response is muffled as they press down harder against her tongue. They know her answer though: of course she wants them to come like this, while she’s pinned under them feeling used, unable to smell, taste, breathe anything but their cunt.

Her tongue drags up their clit and they throw their head back, eyes closed in pleasure. She feels their thighs tense as they get closer and closer to their orgasm. Sometimes when she eats them out she can get them to beg and moan her name, but right now they’re in control and they ride her face and use her mouth to get off. They come hard and fast, gushing over her face and she grips their hips tighter to hold them in place as they shake with the force of the orgasm.

With a huff of effort, they slide off her face and down her body until they’re straddling her chest. They’re panting, breathless after their orgasm. She’s panting too, breathless with their come all over her face. They grin down at her, and she smiles back for a second before she realises that it’s their sadistic grin, the one that means they’re not even slightly done fucking her yet.

Now you can beg me to sit on your dick.”

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  1. Freaking HOT AS HELL as always.

    Also, from the subby perspective, I love that “we’ll do it right here, won’t wait for the bedroom” kind of thing, not just because it shows their power, but also because it makes me feel irresistible. I’m so wanted that they can’t wait another second.

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