They giggle when they fuck

A couple fucking doggy style, neither of their faces visible and his hands gripping her hips. Photo.
Photo by Focused and Filthy, used with permission.

I love Focused and Filthy‘s images so much – they’re bold and striking and inspire all sorts of dirty thoughts. Today, it’s inspiring thoughts of playful giggle fuck. Right now I want sex that comes with laughter and a kind of intimacy that I explore less often than that of filthy degradation. As I can’t have giggly sex right now, I’ve written about some times a trans guy (he/him) and his agender partner (they/them) have it instead.

Content note for rough sex and bruises.Ā 

They giggle when they fuck.

The first time they suck him off, he asks her to hold his dick as he switches out his soft packer. They hold it like a microphone and speak into it as though they’re narrating a particularly exciting sporting event and they’re a focussed athlete in the moments before a race. When everything is in firmly in place, they say ‘go!’ before they deep-throat his hard dick and his laughter is cut off by moan of pleasure at how hot they look.

He laughs when they pretend to be offended when he suggests a new, particularly filthy way to fuck. They cannot pull off faux innocence – or at least not half as well as they can pull him off when they join him in the shower and dare him not to come until they say he can. They can only keep up the pretence for a minute or two before joining him in pervy planning.

They laugh when the dildo he’s vigorously fucking their cunt with – slippery with lube and their arousal – flies out of his hand and across the room. He retrieves it and then smirks cruelly as he tells them to edge themselves with their fingers while he goes to wash the toy. By the time he’s kneeling between their legs again their cunt is greedy to be filled and he takes great pleasure in making them beg for him to start fucking them again.

He snorts with laughter the first time they strap on the new dildo they bought to fuck him with. It’s not that the sight of them, naked apart from the thick dildo, isn’t hot – it’s that they’re ignoring their naked boyfriend in favour of watching the dildo bounce up and down. They explain that it’s longer than the toys they’ve fucked him with before, and the anal sex is delayed so they can duel with their largest silicone dicks.

They steal his shirt, breathing in the heady smell that is distinctly him even though the shirt also smells of sweat and sex from the previous night’s fuck. He tells them to take it off so he can play with their nipple piercings, and their refusal leads to him to wrestling them to the bed. He straddles them and and forcefully strips his shirt off them, but they’re both breathless and laughing as he celebrates his victory by pinching their nipples viciously.

He makes puns while they suck his dick, grinning down at them and trying to gauge which ones are good enough that will make them pause for long enough to take his dick out of their mouth to laugh. The really bad ones aren’t worth stopping blowing him for – they just roll their eyes and take his cock to the back of their throat in the hope that he’ll stop talking and focus on fucking their mouth.

They look over their shoulder, egging him on to fuck them harder and then giggling at his dominant growl. He grabs their hips and pulls them back on to his dick, but he can only maintain his serious, I’m going to fuck you until you scream expression for a few moments before he laughs too.

He giggles the first time they ask him to spank their cunt and he hesitates, prompting them to ask if he’s waiting for an invitation beyond them carefully negotiating itĀ and him making them beg for it. Their joke gives him enough confidence to bring his hand down on their junk for the first strike, and the way they squirm in response is so cute that he tells them that before continuing the spanking.

They giggle when he touches their clit in just the right way.Ā He grins, because even if he can’t see their face he knows how how their eyes will close and their cheeks will flush when they can’t help but giggle because his fingers feel so good. It’s not only pride; it’s delight in their unfiltered joy.

He grins and teases them gently when he finds them sniffing his boxers. They teaseĀ him when they find out that he screenshots their sexts. Their sex is messy and imperfect and neither of them would want it to be anything else, even on the morning of an important interview when he spots the bruises on their forearms from where he held them down to make them accept his slow, teasing kisses.

They laugh at themselves when they trip over their own feet in the middle of a serious speech about how they’re going to ruin his orgasm. He laughs at himself when he gets lube all over his phone while he’s trying to photograph their butt to show them how beautiful they look plugged. They laugh together when they realise that they both bought each other the same app-controlled sex toy for Valentine’s day.

They giggle while they fuck.

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  1. Giggling and fucking is some of the best sex EVER. JB and I giggle during BDSM scenes — those are my favorite.

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