Photos can’t capture how I fuck you

An afab person in a white t-shirt straddles an amab person, naked apart from a towel around their waist. Photo.
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Today was tough – like, sitting on the sofa, sobbing with exhaustion tough. But ever since I saw this photo I knew I wanted to use it to illustrate some filth about playful sex, and this was the day I made it happen. And because I’m going back to explicitly telling y’all that everyone in my smut is queer, this filth features a bisexual lesbian taking photos of her genderfluid boyfriend as they fuck. Enjoy.

Content note for light humiliation and dirty talk.

She’s making coffee, wearing a shirt but no knickers. They’re fresh from the shower, their hair still wet as they wrap their arms around her and kiss her cheek. The towel wrapped around their waist does nothing to hide their erection, which they press firmly against her arse.

“Where you jerking off in the shower?”

“Yes. I was edging while I thought about you fucking me. Would you be up for riding my aching dick? I know you love clenching around me while you tell me not to come.”

She pushes back against them, grinding her arse into their cock, and they groan quietly. This is going to be fun.

“Oh yes? Do you want me to fuck you like the only thing that matters is my pleasure?”

She turns around so she can see their as they nod eagerly – and then try to stifle another moan as she rubs at their hard dick through the towel.

“If I do, I’m going to make you beg me to let you come,” she warns them, but she’s grinning and so are they.

She considers ordering them to go through to the bedroom and wait while she finishes making coffee, but while that would be denying her as much as it would be denying them. She can play at being in control, but her cunt is already aching for their nice, solid dick in it. To be honest, she’s quite impressed that they make it as far as the sofa, because every part of her body is screaming at her to fuck them right there on the kitchen floor.

She straddles them, but bats their hands away when they start to remove the towel. She wants them inside her, but they want her to draw this out and tease them. She can do that; she loves doing that.

“Aww, did you think you get to decide how this goes?”

Their dick is hard, and even through the towel it feels amazing to rub her cunt against it. She grinds down, enjoying their little whine of need.

“Do you think I could get off like this, using your dick as a toy without even touching it?”

“Please don’t do that.”

The obvious effort they have to put into keeping their voice even makes her wet – their expression of acute arousal is so hot.

“Wait there. I want to take a photo.”

“Of my dick?”

They push themselves up to watch her arse as she hops off them and crosses the room. She laughs when she turns around to see them perving on her.

“Of course not. I have photos of your dick – red and aching and with cock ring around it so it stays nice and hard for me. I have photos of you touching your dick while I watch and tell you exactly how you’re allowed to touch it. I have videos of you ruining your orgasm, just because I told you to.”

She straddles them again and adjusts her position, pretending not to notice that she grinds against their dick in doing so.

“I have photos of your dick, even though I don’t need them. I know every single inch of your dick like it’s my own. My cunt knows every curve and ridge and vein. I know how to get your dick off with my hand and my mouth, and how to squeeze around it when it’s inside me so you have to try really, really hard not to come without permission.”

They grab her thighs and help steady her as she points the camera at their face. They’re so eager for her to fuck them that she can’t resist being a little mean first.

“Pinch your nipple while I work out how to focus this thing.”

They obey and she watches their face scrunch up in pain. She waits until they’re breathing steadily and have opened their mouth to speak before adding:

“Harder. Pinch your nipple as hard as I would, if I wasn’t trying to capture exactly how you bite your lip when hurt yourself for me.”

“I love how dick twitches when it’s hard and needy and you’re begging me to touch you. But I love the cute faces you make when I fuck you hard and tell you that you’re not allowed to come more.Ā A camera can’t capture how your dick twitches inside me, but it can capture how you look when I give you what you want and finally sit on your dick.”

They’re blushing, but they don’t look away. They can’t.

“I love the frustration and arousal that is written across your face when I fuck you slowly, and I love the way you close your eyes when you orgasm because it feels so good it overwhelms you. Photos can’t capture how I fuck you, but I want to show you how you look when I fuck you. Now get rid of the towel: I want to fuck you.”

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