You wearing a butt plug makes both of us hard

A blue and white marbled silicone butt plug sits on a white surface. Photo.
Photo by Molly Moore, used with permission.

A trans guy makes his colleague wear a butt plug during post-work drinks, because he knows it makes him hard. Ok, fine – it makes him hard too. 

Content note for degradation, dirty talk, and semi-public sex.

“Don’t sit down.”

It’s taken me a long time to learn how to give an order like that before I’ve even said hello, but the look on his face is worth it. He loves it when I exert my control when we’re in public, when I act like I couldn’t care less about what he wants. The fact I’m about to make him go and plug himself in the bathroom makes him hard.

“Oh, are we starting already?”

“Yes. I’m not going to stretch you later before I fuck you, so this is all the warm up you’re going to get.”

Ok, fine – it makes me hard too.

It’s a small butt plug, one that will nudge against his prostate with every move. When he’s alone in the stall he’ll realise that it’s the one I plugged him with the other day at work, before I pushed him to my knees and made him suck me off in the conference room. For now he just takes the plug and the sachet of lube, putting them smoothly in his pocket. This isn’t the first time we’ve played this game, but it’s the first time we’ve done it with this butt plug.

I’m always impressed at how he looks so calm – too calm, really, for a man who’s just been ordered to go and fuck himself in the toilets. One of my favourite parts of fucking him is stripping away that calm composure: I want to make him blush and fumble over his words and have to really work to keep his voice steady. I want to use his arousal against him and watch him fight to stay in control of his own body.

I’m at the bar when he emerges from the toilets, and even from across the room I can see that he’s holding himself differently. It’s only a few metres from the loos to the table I picked out at the back of the pub, but I know that he feels every one of those steps in his ass – clenched around the plug almost involuntarily – and in his dick. I know because I made him describe it for me, my hand moving torturously slowly on his dick while he told me exactly how it felt to be filled by this particular toy.

His cheeks are flushed when I put down the pint glasses. I sit down next to him rather than in the seat opposite. A completely innocent move, of course – the pub is busy and loud, and I want to be able to hear him. Oh, and I want to drag my nails up his thigh and see his dick twitch. His cock is bulging against the crotch of this jeans – the jeans that he really wouldn’t get away with wearing if he wasn’t so good at his job.

He used to intimidate me, but it’s hard to be intimidated by a colleague when you’ve sat in their office chair and ordered them to ride your cock. It’s a different kind of respect that comes from late night quickies in the office that turn into less furtive fucks where you use suck their dick until they come and you use your hand to milk another orgasm out of their poor, over-stimulated dick. Making him loose control is all the more fun for knowing how composed and in control he is most of the time.

I’m definitely the one in control when my hand is on his dick.

“You ok there?” I ask as he chokes on his pint.

He opens his mouth to respond, and I speed up my hand on the hard bulge of his cock. I grin as he struggles to get the words out. I don’t make it easier for him – faster strokes, more pressure; he bites his lip as he tries to hold on to any semblance of control.

“I – I am very close to coming right now.”

“Aww, are you? You know you don’t have a choice, don’t you? Whether or not you come is entirely up to me.”

His breath hitches and his voice is close to a whine: “Please.”

“Please what? Do you want me to stop, or keep going? Your cock is hard and I’m not even touching it. You’re going to clench so hard around the plug when you come, aren’t you? Such a slut.”

“So you’re – you’re not getting off on this?”

“Of course I am. You wearing a butt plug for me makes both of us hard, but only one of us is going to come right now.”

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  1. “only one of us is going to come right now.” !! love love. great writing – I was like “oh, no he didn’t! ah! right there in the bar!” loved it.

  2. I love this line “I’m definitely the one in control when my hand is on his dick.”

    It perks up the domme side of me that I thought had vanished.


  3. I love, love, love reading a dominant person’s perspective (fiction or nonfiction). It’s always so damn hot to me! This makes me feel like I have a real glimpse into his thought process and I love that!

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