Socially-distanced fucking: making a Clone-A-Willy fist

A Clone-A-Willy kit sits next to a blue silicone copy of my fist. Photo.

I’m someone in a long-distance relationship who doesn’t know when I will get to see my partner next due to COVID, and I’m a genderqueer trans masc person who calls their junk their dick. Oh, and I’m dating someone who loves getting fisted. All of this lends itself perfectly me to doing a sexperiment so I could feel closer to my enboifriend – and to fist them for the first time. In this review I’m going to share how I used Clone-A-Willy kits to make a copy of my fist for an incredibly, socially-distanced fuck.

Thank you to The Pleasure Garden for agreeing to send me a Clone-A-Willy kit when I pitched them the idea for my socially-distanced fisting sexperiemnt – I’ve used affiliate links for them throughout this post. Thank you also to my enboifriend, NBae, for enthusiastically joining in with my latest pervy plan. 

Making a Clone-A-Willy fist

First up, a quick confession. I went into this sexperiment knowing that it was possible to use a Clone-A-Willy kit to clone my first, because I’d seen a tweet by Sinclair Sexsmith. However, knowing it’s possible and knowing how to make it happen are two very different things, and the Clone-A-Willy instructions do not tell you how to make a clone of your fist. I had to get inventive, so I’m sharing all my tips here for how to adapt results that leave you with a cloned dick with a vibrator in the end to ones that leave you with a cloned fist with a flared base so it’s safe for anal play.

Let’s start with the Clone-A-Willy kit itself

Instructions and equipment from one Clone-A-Willy kit. Photo.Your standard Clone-A-Willy kit comes with a thermometer, a pack of moulding powder, two pots with silicone components (a base and a catalyst), a “vibrating unit”, and – because obviously I wanted a glow-in-the-dark clone of my fist – glow powder. The tube all of this comes in turns into the moulding tube, and the All the materials are phthalate and latex free, so your cloned fist (or dick) will be body safe. Yay!

The equipment you need to clone your fist that the Clone-A-Willy kit does not give you are a measuring cup, a large mixing bowl, scissors, a large mixing spoon, a timer, and a disposable container. If you want an example of a disposable container (because I spent a long time being like ‘who has random containers just lying around?’) I used an old Tupperware-like  box whose lid no longer locked in place, rendering it useless at it’s original purpose.

The instructions also specify that you need a 4″ cardboard square, but this sexperiment taught me that if you’re cloning your fist rather than your dick you don’t need it – unless you decide to make a vibrating fist. Which brings us to my next clone-your-fist-not-your-dick tip: you need at least two Clone-A-Willy kits to successfully clone your fist. I did it with two, to relative success, but I think my recommendation would be three – or at least three times the amount of silicone base and catalyst than the standard kit comes with.

A Clone-A-Willy clear plastic tube alongside a bigger cardboard tube. Photo.However, if you’re wanting to make a clone of your fist then the Clone-A-Willy tube will not be big enough – unless you have even smaller hands than me. The Clone-A-Willy kit tube is 6.5cm across. Luckily, I had a bigger cardboard tube that a print for my living room had come rolled up in, which was 8cm in diameter. The instructions also tell you to measure 1.5cm beyond the end of your dick, and then cut away the excess at the open end of the tube. I foolishly didn’t think this would apply to fisting, but it definitely does: don’t have a tube that goes above your elbow. I’d advise cutting it off at about 8cm beyond your wrist.

This was the point where I realised that while I understood how to fist someone in theory, I had absolutely no idea how to actually do it. I had always planned to read up on it and research like a good little sex nerd before I actually ever tried to put my fist inside my enboifriend. I also planned to have them – someone with experience with of being fisted! – there to offer advice, but I didn’t and unlike in-person fisting when you can adjust the shape of your hand as you go, making a clone of your fist means you need to make a choice upfront about what position you will use.

However, I knew someone who I could ask. While I had never fisted my enboifriend, their girlfriend who they live with. While I made it very clear before I asked her for help that I understood if this was weird and she wasn’t comfortable with it, she was ok with receiving photos of my hand and offering tips on my fisting technique. In fact, it felt like a lovely moment of compersion, which was unexpected – in aiming for connection with my enboifriend, I ended up connecting with their girlfriend as well. To me, there’s something beautiful and queer about that.

Clone-A-Willy equipment gathered and fisting technique mastered, it was time to attempt the scary science bit.

Next there’s the science-y bit (where I fucked up)

To be clear, the science bit is not scary. The process of cloning your fist (or dick) is science-y, but it’s really accessible science. In all honesty, I felt like a kid realising that they actually got to put chemicals together and watch how they react with flames or foam. To me, the Clone-A-Willy process was scary because it involved exact timing and exact temperatures. This made me slightly stressed.

A mixing bowl, measuring jug, scissors and a smart phone with a timer app open are set out. Photo.The instructions in the Clone-A-Willy kit are really easy to follow. You fill your measuring jug with hot water (from the tap, not the kettle), using the thermometer to make sure you hit the right temperature (32 °C). You pour one and three-quarter cups into your mixing bowl and double check the temperature. You start the timer and pour the moulding powder into the water, stirring it for 45 seconds.

Easy right?

Of course, those are the instructions for cloning a dick and while there are challenges with that – as someone without a factory installed dick, I have no idea how someone could stay hard while their dick is surrounded by rapidly-hardening gel – but the difference between cloning a fist and a dick is not where I messed up. I messed up (literally) over something much simpler.

If you take one piece of advice from this post, whether you’re cloning your dick or your fist, it should be this one: the instructions tell you to pour the moulding gel into the tube before you stick your dick or hand into it, and they do that for a reason. I have no idea why I made this incredibly silly mistake, but I did it the wrong way around. I stuck my arm into the cardboard tube and tried to pour the moulding gel into the tiny space between my inner arm and the tube.

A cardboard tube and table leg stand upright amid a lot of moulding gel spilt on the floor. Photo. This meant there was more of the moulding gel on my living room floor than in the tube, which my hand was already in and I could feel already starting to harden around my fingers already starting to harden. Now, what I think I did at this point was pull my hand out, scoop up as much of the moulding gunk as I could and put it into the tube, and then stick my hand back in there, muttering shit, shit, shit under my breath and worrying that I’d fucked everything up.

Spoiler: I hadn’t.

Then you actually get to play with silicone

Once your fist (or dick) is in the tube, surrounded by the moulding gel, you need to leave it there for one to two minutes. The next issue I faced cloning my fist came when I had carefully counted down two minutes, then added another thirty seconds, and wanted to pull my hand out. I imagine it’s easy to “gently remove” your penis from it’s brand new mould, but it’s not as easy if you’re making a mould of your fist.

A flash-lit photo of the inside of the tube, where you can see a bit of blue silicone at the bottom. Photo. This is because your wrist is narrower than the widest part of your hand, but the widest part of your hand needs to come through the moulded hold for your wrist. I spent several minutes wondering if I’d have to abandon the sexperiment completely because I couldn’t get my hand out, but I eventually managed to twist it slowly out.

I did not read the next bit of the instructions, which tells you to “let the mould sit for 4 – 8 hours” before moving on to the next step. In a predictably impatient style, I charged straight ahead to the next step, which involved mixing the silicone base and catalysts together. You mix them together for several minutes, after using the helpful wooden stick to get as much of the silicone out of the pots as possible.

Then you pour away any water that has accumulated at the bottom of your mould, and pour your newly-mixed silicone into the mould. If you’re making a clone of your dick this is where you add the vibrator, but if you’re cloning your fist then you now come to the hardest step of all: waiting for it to set.

A cardboard tube ripped apart with moulding material all over the floor. Photo.You have to leave the silicone to set for at least 24 hours. I imagine that if you’re using the traditional Clone-A-Willy tube then it’s easier to ‘tip’ the mould and your newly cloned dick out, but using a cardboard tube I ended up, essentially tearing the whole thing apart. It was very satisfying, but I was very nervous that things hadn’t gone to plan and I was going to end up ripping the fist in half by mistake.

I didn’t. I had successfully made a copy of my fist.

Some final thoughts on making a Clone-A-Willy fist

A blue silicone copy of a fist. Photo.It looked like my hand – that was the thing that amazed me as I looked down at the blue silicone fist in my lap. I was so caught up in thoughts of fisting my enboifriend that it took me a few minutes to think about the more practical aspects of how to do so.

Which leads me to more important notes: the Clone-A-Willy moulding material will – as advertised – come off a flat surface easily when it’s. What isn’t a flat surface – as should have been obvious – is the cracks between each board of a wooden floor. While it’s possible to get it out, I still haven’t completed that particular task. The other thing I learned from this is that you shouldn’t wear your brand new pair of jeans to clone your dick, because the hardened moulding material will not come off denim.

I advise complete nakedness, to be honest. The actual sensation of plaster surrounding your dick (or fist) isn’t hugely erotic, but I am a firm believer that anything can be imbued with sexy power and become an erotic experience. In, cloning my fist reminded me how much fun “foreplay” can be, when you’re preparing and working up to sex. Cloning my fist felt a little like flirting.

The end of the Clone-A-Willy mould with the imprints of my fingers in it. Photo.When you’re cloning your fist, it’s possible for a chunk of the moulding material between the fingers of your cloned fist. You’ll want to remove that if it’s there, because obviously that material isn’t body safe. The fist I made also technically isn’t safe for anal play, because it doesn’t have a flared base. If there had been more of my wrist and forearm attached to my fist I’d have been less worried, but the fist I created wasn’t safe to use anally if my partner had wanted to take more beyond the widest point of my knuckles.

Cloning your fist can never be an exact science – any more than fisting is an exact science, but it was a super fun one. I’d definitely recommend the Clone-A-Willy kit for any folks in long distance relationships right now who, even with lockdown restrictions easing, can’t see the person they’re in love with. It definitely brought let me connect with my partner and to fist them for the first time, which was awesome.

Want to try cloning your dick, or your fist? Need some new sex toys for long-distance date nights? Running out of lube in lockdown? Head to The Pleasure Garden to stock up Clone-A-Willy kits and all your other sex toy needs. 

Two Clone-A-Willy kits sit on a turquoise blanket. Photo.

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  1. what a project! sounds like it was a lot of fun and will be a gift that keeps on giving.

  2. I really love this and think clone a fist is genius! And now I also want to try it 🙂
    Super cool!

  3. I’ve been trying to find a practical guide to cloning my fingers for my partner, which seems similar enough to a dick I guess but I just wanted more specific advice and this helped a lot! thank you!

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