Doughnuts and days when I force myself to do things

A white afab person looks down at themselves, the photo capturing their tits and doughtnut patterned boxers. Photo.

My new boxers have doughnuts on them.

I love them and I love this photo, but taking it wasn’t easy. I had to force myself to get out of bed this morning. I had to force myself to shower and to clean my teeth, and I had to force myself not to beat myself up because both of these things felt ridiculously hard even though it feels like they should be easy.

I had to forced myself to myself to push through the anxiety about sharing my own nudes on my own blog. I had to force myself to smile when a friend asked me if I was packing, because apparently these boxers make me look like I have a little, gender-affirming bulge. I even had to force myself to put on these fabulous new boxers – which are incredibly cute and have fucking doughnuts on them.

I’m glad I forced myself to do things. I always feel better when I force myself to take care of myself and to do things that I know will make me feel good – maybe not in the moment, but tomorrow or the day after, or next week when I get paid for the piece of fuck positive content I sent in today. Forcing myself to do things is important, but it’s also exhausting.

Today I had to force myself to do things – things that include not feeling silly because I thought the doughnuts on my boxers would help make things easier.

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  1. Great pic, Quinn! I totally thought you were packing too, in the cutest doughnut undies ever! Thanks for linking up!

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