Naked in an autumn graveyard

An afab person bends over a gravestone, lifting their skirt to show their bare arse. They are next to another, taller, gravestone in an autumn sunlit graveyard covered in yellow leaves. Photo.

This week, in celebration of the five-fucking-hundredth week of Sinful Sunday, we were encouraged us to be our most fabulous photography sexy selves. So – obviously – I got naked in an autumn graveyard.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
~ L.M. Montgomery

I love autumn; I don’t think my words can do justice to its magic. I love the chill in the air and the bright colours and how free I feel in the dark evenings. I will put up with the cold, wet days when it pours with rain as long as I also get the days where morning mist gives way to golden light slanting through flaming leaves. I love the red and the orange and the yellow and the smell of smoke and the taste of adventure.

I also love getting naked – but that I can describe a little better. I love the thrill of taking a calculated risk to capture a picture where I’m being utterly myself. I love the vulnerability of nakedness, contrasted with the confidence of feeling utterly at home in my own skin. I like how I’m brave enough to bend over for the ten breathtakingly long seconds I need to wait until my camera will take the photo.

Autumn makes me hungry for adventure. On Tuesday I put on my hiking boots and walked almost twelve miles, exploring and taking photos and having fun. I loved it. I loved setting up my new tripod for the first time, and the feeling of cold stone under my fingers as I bent over with my arse bare. I loved the ache in my legs when I got home: the ache of satisfaction, sore muscles telling me that I pushed myself.

I love this photo too. I only managed to get one photo of me actually naked in an autumn graveyard, and I love that I was able to edit it into something that I’m actually proud to share today. I’ve been sex blogging for three years now, and I am slightly better at self-photography than I was when I started getting naked in front of a camera. You can see that in this photo.

I’m still getting to know my most fabulous photography sexy self, but he’s definitely in this photo.

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  1. You have such a fabulously sexy arse too! Great photo and I’m glad it’s a reminder of a lovely day out too.
    Thanks for sharing
    Missy x

  2. Loving the autumnal colours and curves … particularly that temptingly presented bottom !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Love this, Quinn! Honestly – I think it is def up there as one of my favourite images from you! I adore your bravery. Fantastic x

  4. Tis is fucking awesome. I love how you caught the sunlight on your arse and legs and how the leaves seem to be glowing a golden colour above you… almost like a halo


  5. Beautiful colours and a great setting! Really well composed and framed. Well done!!

  6. Such a wonderful autumnal image. The colours are really beautiful. This is a location I’d really like to get a photo in. xx

  7. I love your words about autumn Quinn – it is absolutely the best time of year.

    And as for the image – that is so fucking dating! I love it!

    1. Daring, not dating!!

      Ducking autocarrot!

  8. I absolutely know what you mean about autumns but I’m in awe of your bravery getting naked like that! That is some serious confidence and an awesome photo. Go you!

  9. Oh My!!!
    It takes guts to get naked at the graveyard!

  10. I love autumn, and graveyards, so this picture definitely ticks a lot of boxes for me! And it helps that you look fantastically sexy here as well!

  11. This is fucking amazing! Whilst I much prefer summer because I like being warm, I do know what you mean about the colours. And I am super envious of your self-photography skills.

  12. I love both the photo and your words here! And I can’t tell you how much I relate to this line: ‘I like how I’m brave enough to bend over for the ten breathtakingly long seconds I need to wait until my camera will take the photo.’

    Outdoor nude photography is such an exhilarating, liberating activity, and I hope you get to have plenty more adventures with your camera – solo and otherwise – in the years to come!

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