Nude in yellow

A trans guy lies naked on a yellow, his feet kicked up cutely and a book held up to cover his face. Photo.

I’m trying to actually do the thing where I just post a photo without all of my words and anxieties, so here is a nude in yellow.

The book I’m reading in this photo is ‘Sexuality: A Graphic Guide‘, which is written by Meg-John Barker and illustrated by Jules Scheele and was gifted to me by Icon Books. (Does this mean I’m an influencer now?!)  It’s their third book together – though only their second one that I’ve taken nudes with – and if you want to buy it while also supporting independent bookshops, you can purchase it through my affiliate link at

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  1. I wish I was able to paint because honestly Quinn, you make the most delicious model.

    You should reach out to Haiku or Tabitha – because this would be epic in acrylics x

  2. Yep, definitely an influencer! And definitely hot!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! The way you’ve arranged the photo with the swath of yellow background and your body and the book as the only elements almost makes it look like it is a panel in a graphic novel itself. Very cool.

  4. What a gorgeous splash of happy colour on this grey old weekend.

  5. I fucking love this. Not only is it a beautiful splash of colour we all need right now, we get to see a gorgeous, sexy you too!

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