Kind of public sex: getting fucked so hard people hear

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Ready for more not-quite-public sex? This one’s all about exhibitionism and being fucked so hard that you can’t stay quiet, even though you know people are going to hear you. If you haven’t done so yet, you should read part one (where he starts it) and part two (when she gets him back). This part plays more heavily with the idea of being fucked in a slightly-against-your-will way, so please don’t read on if that kind of thing will make you uncomfortable.

Content note for elements of consensual non-consent, humiliation, and semi-public sex. This post also contains affiliate links.

He ups the stakes.

They’re heading up to a place in Scotland with some mutual friends. Two other couples: a former collage and his boyfriend; an old uni mate and their girlfriend. Friends they hang out with together, as a couple. Friends who teased them about how they’d be perfect together a long time before they started going out, friends who were the first people to know that they were properly dating.

And it’s not that the six of them don’t talk about sex. They’ve swapped sex toy recommendations and they’ve all attended the life drawing class that she models for now and then. But there’s a difference between discussing butt plugs over a bottle of wine and hearing each other getting railed loudly in the next room. The Air BnB they’re saying in is small and the walls are thin. Not much better than tents, Tom had pointed out in the group chat before asking if they’d be able to keep it in their pants for a few days.

It’s a joke, of course, but both of them know how loud she is.

The night before their trip, he fucks her hard. He goes down on her, with his fingers digging into her thighs and pinning her down so he can take his time. She squirms and begs, and she can feel it — how he takes obscene pleasure in how he can reduce her to an incoherent mess with his mouth on her clit and two fingers in her cunt.

After she comes, he orders her to keep quiet. Then he fucks her fast and hard. Every stroke of his dick is a delicious punishment. She whimpers and moans, especially when he licks the sweat off her collar bone and bites her neck.

As his cock slams into her, he speaks between thrusts. ”Such a noisy little slut.”

She’s gratified to hear he is slightly out of breath as he says it, especially while she’s panting and writhing beneath him.

“I should pack a couple of your favourite dildos to fuck you with this weekend,” he grunts. “You wouldn’t be able to hold back your noises, would you? And I bet you wouldn’t care if everyone could hear. You’d probably get off on it, knowing all of our friends can hear me use you, wouldn’t you?”

She responds with a high-pitched, keening noise and tries to twist away from him and hide her face in a pillow.

He grins and fucks her harder. “Filthy little bitch.”

She thinks this is as far as he’s going to take it, making her come while whispering filth in her ear about what a slut she is for getting off on the idea that their friends might hear her getting fucked. She thinks he’s going to tease her over the next few days, getting her increasingly worked up. Maybe he’ll jerk off with a hand over her mouth, telling her that he’d fuck her if she could control and stay quiet.

He’ll taunt her and tease her until her cunt will hurt with her need to sit on his dick. He won’t fuck her though, because they’ll all hear. She imagines him watching as she tries to laugh off the bruise on her neck and to hide the dark finger marks on her pale thighs, but that’s as far as he’s going to take it. She doesn’t think he’d really fuck her hard so their friends will hear her, though.

She’s wrong.

The first night away, they stay up late talking and drinking and laughing. There’s no question them fucking when they finally collapse on to the bed that’s theirs for the next three nights. The next morning he grinds his hard dick into her arse while clamping his hand over her mouth. She’s glad he does because she can’t help moaning when he describes how he wants to fuck her hard and then force her to go about her day with his come dripping out of her.

He doesn’t. Instead he rolls out of bed and goes to start breakfast, leaving her wet and frustrated while she can hear him chatting cheerily to Tom about bacon. That night he teases her again, holding his hard cock at the entrance to her cunt. In a low, harsh whisper he reminds her that if is she wasn’t so terrible at being quiet, if she could just behave, he’d fuck her. She bites her lip hard to stop herself from whining as he rubs his dick between her labia. The head of his dick nudges her clit and makes her squirm.

She falls asleep with his hand groping her tits and her cunt aching.

The next morning, she wakes up alone. Sunshine pours into the tiny room and she stretches in the warmth, arching her back and almost purring with pleasure. But when he slips back into the room she sits up straight. He’s naked apart from the towel slung around his waist, water droplets still glistening on his chest from his shower. She licks her lips, her mouth suddenly dry. She needs him to fuck her, right now, and his smirk tells her that he knows that.

Slowly, without breaking eye contact, he takes off the towel. His dick is thick and hard and she wants to lick the vein that runs down its side. His eyes are dark, pupils dilated with lust as he throws the towel towards the chair in the corner and steps towards the bed. He backs her down onto the sheets again, pulling the covers out of the way and holding himself over her.

She leans up to kiss him but he moves back slightly, his hands pinning her down. She wriggles, trying to ease herself down onto his dick, but he holds what she wants tantalisingly out of reach. He grins wickedly at her frustration. She wants more – needs more – but she can’t have it. He can’t fuck her here because their friends are sleeping in rooms either side of theirs right now and she can’t stay quiet.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he tells her, his breath hot against her ear. “I’m going to fuck you because I can control myself. It’s not me that everyone is going to hear begging like the a needy little slut for permission to come. That’s you. I want to use your holes, so I’m going to. And you’re going to take it.”

He finally kisses her, and it’s hard and hungry and he bites her bottom lip. She moans into his mouth.

“It’s not like you have a kink for being forced, right? For being fucked because I want to fuck you, whether you like it or not. It’s not like you’re wet right now from the idea that you won’t be able to stay quiet and everyone’s going to know what a dirty little slut you are. Tell me that you don’t want my hand over your mouth, making you be quiet so I can use you.”

His words are so hot that they burn through her, causing her stomach to flip and her cunt to clench. Part of her wants to say no, to deny that those filthy, twisted things turn her on. Part of her wants to beg him to use her and hurt her and make her take it. To make her scream, even though their friends will hear and she’ll blush scarlet when they tease her about it.

His gaze is hot and heavy. He’s giving her the chance to say her safe-word. She could say no, that she doesn’t want to take their game that far. She could say no and he’d respect her no, but she doesn’t want to say no. Their friends won’t care if they hear her getting fucked, not really. They’ll tease her but that light humiliation will make her hot. He knows that. He knows exactly how to push her buttons until will beg him to do twisted, depraved things to her.

She’s not ready to beg, not yet. Instead she tries to stop her voice from trembling with desire to ask a single question.

“Do you need to empty your stoma bag before you fuck me like that?”

Rather than responding with words, he flips her over. Before she can fully comprehend what’s happening, he has her arms pinned behind her back with one hand while the other is gripping her hips, pulling her back into him. With his weight over her and her arms behind her, she feels trapped and helpless. She pushes back: searching for his dick. She’s aching to be filled.

“This isn’t for you,” he growls before pushing into her cunt. She stifles a squeak.

He fucks her slowly – torturously slowly. She’s expecting him be rough and she’s greedy for the fast, hard thrusts where the head of his cock butts against the back of her cunt. It hurts and it’s good and she wants more. She tries to fuck herself back onto his dick, and finds herself pinned down with more force.

“Stay. Still. So. I. Can. Use. You.” he tells her, punctuating each low command with a sharp thrust of his dick.

Then there’s a hand on the back of her neck, forcing her head down into the pillow to muffle her moans. She struggles, not because she can’t breathe but because it’s so hot when he shows her that no matter how much she struggles, he’s stronger and can do what he likes to her. She couldn’t push him off her if she tried and he’s fucking her faster now, his dick slamming into her cunt with enough force to make her squeal.

He’s fucking her as though he doesn’t care if it hurts her. He’s fucking her as through she’s just a hole, just a toy he’s using to get himself off. It’s so hot.

As though he decides he needs something more to make him come, he starts spanking her. He’s told her before how good it feels when he hurts her because her cunt squeeze around his dick. His hand strikes her again and again, hard and fast until her arse is red and she’s whimpering into the pillow.

The spanks aren’t quiet – everyone’s going to be able to hear. Her cheeks are burning with shame. Their friends hearing her getting fucked and spanked shouldn’t be this hot.

“Beating you makes my dick hard, slut. You like everyone hearing you getting fucked and spanked, don’t you? Filthy little bitch. Should I make you beg me to hurt you harder?”

She shakes her head – or maybe she nods – and he pushes her down harder into the pillow. He pulls out and she feels his dick twitch as he pumps spunk over her arse. He releases the pressure on her neck and slides down on to the bed next to her, pulling her into him. Soft kisses on her cheek, her neck. He holds her as their breathing slows, and she feels safe in his arms.

They lie in silence for a minute. Then he shifts slightly behind her, reaching for something. She hears the buzz of the vibrator before she feels it against her clit. She tries to move away from the rumbling vibrations but he holds her tightly against it. It feels almost too intense but he forces her to take it. She wonders if she’s going to bite through her lip, she’s biting it so tightly to keep quiet.

“I think you did a bit too well at staying quiet there. I know that you want our friends to hear exactly what a filthy slut you are. Let’s see if you can control yourself when I make you come.”

She can hear the smile in his voice.

The vibrator he’s going to use to make her come is the Knude Society Gwen Vibrator, which independent sex toy shop Self & More recently sent me to review. I’ve been using it to have some gloriously loud orgasms myself and it now lives within arm’s reach of my bed for easy access when wanking. If you’re interested in grabbing one yourself (which I definitely recommend!) head to Self & More and use the code QUINNRHODES to get 10% off your order. 

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