Packing makes me feel powerful. It’s not that I need a dick between my legs to prove that I’m a man – I don’t. But I do stand taller and more solid in my gender when there’s a bulge in my underwear. Oh, and I feel hot as fuck too.

I’m still learning how to take a good dick pic. I’m also still learning how to take up space in my body as my relationship with it changes, and how to define what ‘sexy’ looks like for me as a guy. I like this photo though. I like the position of my hand on my thigh and I like how you can see the head of my dick through these briefs.

And I like how confident I felt when I took it. The bulge of my packer gives me so much gender euphoria. It makes me feel strong; it makes me feel hot. It makes me feel like I could push someone to their knees and take my dick out, to fuck their mouth or maybe jerk myself off just a few inches away from their face.

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  1. Yeeeeeaaaaah! You *know* I get this. Packing rocks!

  2. Amazing! I do LOVE a bulge and this is just so damn sexy to me


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