Dick print in grey sweatpants

I bought these sweatpants over a year ago, specifically to take this photo. I should call them ‘tracksuit bottoms’ or ‘joggers’ really, but I bought them specifically to tap into the autumn horniness of grey sweatpants season. Today I hit a new milestone in the process of stepping into my gender: I took photos to show off my dick print in grey sweatpants.

Grey sweatpants season perfectly pervert the mundanity of a casual autumn trouser choice. The light fabric means that shadows are more visible, showing off the unmistakeable bulge of a dick print. In the GQ article, How Gray Sweatpants Became the Unofficial Symbol of Fall Horniness, Tina Horn explains that “many people are hot for nudity that’s somehow obscured.”

According to Horn, the host and producer of the podcast Why Are People Into That?!, grey sweatpants season is all about exhibitionism and voyeurism. “The sweatpants exhibitionist gets the plausible deniability that they’re not showing off, and the sweatpants voyeur gets the thrill of witnessing something that they’re ‘not supposed to be seeing.’” I.e., the faint outline of someone’s dick.

In a society where women and other people who experience misogyny are constantly objectified, there is power in turning the tables. For me, there’s definitely something hot about the casual objectification of grey men in grey sweatpants. And while not everyone with a dick is a guy, for me it’s a very male performance of sexuality.

This is why I wanted to take thirst traps to show off the bulge of my dick in grey sweatpants. I’m still working out how to take dick picks and perform sexiness in a way that works as a guy. With my grey sweatpants slung low on my hips, I feel sexy as fuck and very solid in my gender. It feels incredible to feel this good in my body and this confident that I look good.

And I want someone to look at me and notice. It’s a subtle kind of sexiness, sure, but I want someone to clock the dick print in my grey sweatpants. I want someone to look me up and down, then shoot me a grin to show that yes, they where staring at my dick. I want them to notice the confidence I’m radiating and find it as hot as I do. Find me as hot as I do.

I’m often objectified as a person read as a woman. It’s non-consensual objectification, and I hate it. My body does not exist for the pleasure of cis, straight men. But being objectified as guy, because of the bulge in my sweatpants? The consensual objectification someone seeing me as who I am and finding me attractive?

Bring it on.

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  1. This image is super hot!

    It is wonderful seeing you exploring all the ways you can feel good in your body, and I’m certainly enjoying looking.

  2. Yep, man in sweatpants like this is all the hot. As you say it is the hint of what is there which gets my imagination going.

    I love reading about how you are stepping into your gender and becoming increasingly confident and sexy within it


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