Strap-ons and snacks: how to prepare to go dogging

Artwork by NonBinary Baps

Just like my gang-bang smut focussed on the aftermath of a fuck session, on the proper gang-bang etiquette, this piece doesn’t focus on the sex itself but the lead up. This is not a practical guide to help you prepare to go dogging. This is a filthy story about how one might prepare to go dogging if you’re a submissive and exhibitionist bisexual woman whose dominant girlfriend wants to make sure you feel thoroughly used.

Content note for elements of consensual non-consent, degradation and exhibitionism. This post also contains affiliate links.

Your girlfriend’s fingers are inside you the first time you bring it up.

“Clench around my fingers. Good girl. That feels good, doesn’t it? You’re so fucking gorgeous when you’re trying really hard not to come. It’s been far too long since I’ve taken you to a sex club to show you off what a little slut you are.”

It’s hard to find the breath to reply. She’s using a finger vibrator on your clit and your orgasm is so close you can taste it. You’re shaking with the effort of holding back, because you know that once you do come she not going to stop finger-banging you, or move the vibe away. No, she’s going to keep going, keep fucking you until you come again and again and she’s pinning you down and forcing you to take it, slut as pleasure becomes pain.

“There are ways,” you choke out, trying to focus on anything but how good this feels. (It feels so, so good, but it won’t in ten minutes when you’ve come three times already and she’s holding you down so she can overstimulate your poor clit.) “There are ways you could still show me off.”

Above you, she grins.

“Oh yes? Have you been thinking about me using your holes in public, slut?”

“You could take me – fuck, I can’t hold it back, please let me come – take me dogging.”

Then you’re coming and it feels so, so good, but she’s telling you that you didn’t have permission to come and now she has to punish you. It’s too much and you try to push her hand away, but her free hand catches yours and pins them above you. You struggle but she’s strong and you can’t escape and her voice is mocking as she laughs at your discomfort.

“Greedy sluts who can’t control themselves don’t get to decide when it stops. You came even though I told you no, so now you’re going to keep coming no matter how many times you beg me to stop. Are you going to come again, so quickly? Pathetic.”

Later, when you’re lying in her arms and trying to catch your breath, part of you hopes that she won’t bring it up again. Of course she does.

“So, dogging?”

You squirm, suddenly glad she can’t see your face.


“Aww, are you embarrassed? Use your words, slut, or I’m going to get the vibrator and make you tell me while I keep torturing your needy little clit.”

“Fuck you.” You talk fast, as though saying the words quickly means they won’t burn through you with shame. “You could show me off. Well, there’s an element of exhibitionism to it, anyway. There’s not necessarily anyone watching, but there could be? You’d have to put me through my paces as though they were. And you like doing that.”

“You like it when I do that.”

It’s easier to lie than admit that you do, especially when you know she’ll call you out on it.

“Sure, I love it when you fuck me like I’m just a set of holes for you to use.” Your cheeks are burning now, and she tugs you into a different position so she can see your face.

“You do though. You love it when I work you hard. And you love it when I show off how much my girl can take for me.”

“Fine, I love it. And you’re right, it’s been too long since you’ve made me perform for you like that. We can’t go to a sex club right now, but we could do something different.”

“Filthy girl.” She kisses you and you melt into her. “You should research dogging spots for me, slut. Work out where I can take you to fuck you in front of an audience.”

You do the research, checking out forums and Facebook groups and trying to find local dogging spots. You imagine her plugging your arse before you sit down, as a reminder that you’re doing this because she told you to. Because she wants to take you out and fuck you where other people can see her owing you. When you text her that, she tells you to plug yourself and send her a photo. You do, and the embarrassment makes you hot.

When you send her the research, she calls you a good girl.

“Why do you find dogging hot?” she asks. It would be easier to answer if you weren’t on your knees between her legs, the wetness of her cunt on your face and her hand in your hair, forcing you to look up at her. Eating her out is so much easier than explaining the nuances of your kinks to her. It’s far less humiliating for her to tell you to bend over because you’re not doing a good enough job at sucking her off so she’s going to beat you. This makes you feel far more exposed.

“Why do you find it hot?”

“Apart from the fact I get off on fucking you in front of other people? I enjoy how much you seem to be into it. Your embarrassment is hot as fuck.”

You know you’re blushing, and you’re glad she isn’t giving you the option of looking away.

“It makes me feel dirty,” you tell her. “It’s different to you fucking me in a sex club. There’s something seedy about dogging. I think I’d feel more used. You showing me off in a sex club makes me feel like you’re proud of me – this would be just because you wanted to use me and couldn’t even be bothered to wait to find somewhere private. Or because you wanted people to see you using me, because if I’m going to be a dirty slut everyone should know about it.”

“You’re such a dirty slut,” she tells you. The words make you wet.


“You want me to make you feel like you don’t even deserve to be fucked in a sex club, like you’ll take what I give you in the backseat of the car if I want you to?”

“Yes.” It’s hard to keep eye contact when she’s looking at you like this, as though you’re laid bare in front of her and she can see all of your secrets. It’s too intense, but it turns you on so much.

“Do you want to try it?” her eyes are sparkling. You grin back at her.

“Fuck yes.”

“Good girl. Now pull your knickers down and brace yourself for me. Maybe you’ll do a better job at servicing me with your mouth when your arse is red and smarting.”

“What should we take with us?”

She’s paused the film you were watching and is now looking at you expectantly.

“Take with us when?”

Your feet are in her lap and she’s massaging them.

“I’m trying to work out how we prepare to go dogging. Do we need to take anything with us?”



“If you’re going to fuck me up, I need snacks.”

You smile smugly at her and she grins back.

“Ok, snacks. But I’m going to make you earn them. Also lube. Condoms, maybe, in case I want to wind down the window and show off what a good slut you are by letting anyone watching use your mouth.”

For a second the words catch in your chest and arousal punches you in the stomach. You try to pull your feet back but she holds them firmly.

“Fucking slut. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

You bury your face in her shoulder, shaking your head.

“Are you saying your safe-word, or are you just pretending that you’re not a dirty little bitch whose cunt is soaking right now.”

“I’m not saying my safe-word.”

Your words are muffled. It’s easier to say them when your face is hidden.

“Good girl. Do you want me to fuck your cunt while you kneel up and let whoever’s watching us fuck your mouth? You’ll do exactly what you’re told and let them fuck your face and come down your throat. However many there are, because if I want to loan your mouth out then I will. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

You’re blushing. Your whole body is hot, with the heat between your legs betraying just how much you would love that.

“I hate you.”

“I’m not going to do it unless you ask nicely. Tell me how much you want it.”

She grabs your chin, forcing you to look right at her. It’s not fair, but the words start pouring out of your mouth.

“Yes, I want it. I want to feel used and dirty and for you to tell me that I have to service any cock or cunt you choose with my mouth because I’m nothing but a pretty set of holes to be used. I want you to tell them that they can fuck my mouth harder, be rougher with me, and that I’ll like it. And I want you to talk about how wet I am from being used like that, to talk about me as though I’m not there. As though what I want doesn’t matter, because you make the decisions.”

“I do make the decisions, slut.”

She’s grinning at you. You look back at her pleadingly.

“You want me to slap your face right now, don’t you?”

“Yes. Please make me feel like a slut?”

She slaps your face and then kisses you. When she resumes the film, she’s holding you closer.

You’re bent over the kitchen table, stretching out to grip the opposite side while she stands behind you holding a cane.

“Get on with it and hurt me, you fucking sadist.”

“The anticipation makes it hurt more. I’m getting off on how much you’re scared of the pain.”

You squirm. It shouldn’t be so hot to hear her say that.

“Stay still, slut. I want to make sure I get these marks parallel with the stripes on your socks.”

You open your mouth to reply, just as she lays down two stinging strokes on the back of your thighs. It hurts like hell; a vicious, biting heat.

“You should wear these when we go dogging.”


“Because I will remember leaving cane marks on your thighs. Also because I want you in a skirt for easy access – why should I have to waste time taking off your underwear before I fuck you? You’re just a set of pretty holes for me to use.”

The cane comes down again and you bite back a whimper.

“Fuck you.”

“Later. Knee high socks will help you stay warm. Or you can wear knickers, if you want to, but I will take scissors to cut them off you. Would that make you feel used, slut?”

She lays down another stripe before you can answer.


Another three strokes, one after another without giving you time to catch your breath. The pain is searing, and the fact she’s getting off on this is so hot.

“A matching bra, maybe. Something pretty, that I can pull down and watch your nipples get hard with the cold. Then harder when I pinch them. Or when I make you pinch them. It makes you wet when I make you hurt yourself for me, doesn’t it?”

Another stroke of the cane.


“Please what? Do you want more?”

She hits you again, then again. Harsh, precise strokes that burn themselves into your skin. You grip the edge of the table hard.

“What are you going to wear?”

“Nothing as slutty as you. And I’m going to keep my clothes on, because I can control myself. I’m not a greedy slut who will do whatever she’s told if there’s a chance I’ll let her come.”

The cane comes down again and you moan.

“Tell me. Tell me that you’re a greedy slut and ask me to hurt you.”

“I’m – fuck that hurts – I’m a greedy slut and I want you to hurt me. Please hurt me. Please, I need it.”

“I know you do.”

She hurts you, and laughs because the pain makes you wet. You beg her, but you’re not sure if you’re begging for more or begging for her to stop. Eventually she does stop.

“We’re going to have to go through to the bedroom so you can lie down. I want to leave marks on your inner thighs too.”

“Do we have everything?”

“Lube. Wipes. Vibrator. Snacks, of course, though I’m thinking we can go to a drive through McDonald’s afterwards?”

“I like that plan. Though do you think they’ll be able to smell that we were having sex in the car?”

“Aww, are you worried that everyone is going to know what a fucking slut you are? Don’t worry about that, they definitely will.”

She pulls you into her and kisses you. It’s a good kiss, with teeth and tongue. The kind of kiss that makes it clear that she owns you in every way.

“Condoms, dental damns, butt plug…”

“Butt plug?”

“Yes. I might want you to reach back and spread your cheeks so everyone has a nice view of me plugging your arse. I want you to feel so full that I can feel resistance when I push inside your cunt.”

“You’re a fucking sadist, you know that?”

“And you’re a dirty slut who wants me to take her dogging so I can use her in front of an audience.”


She turns to you, looking serious.

“We don’t have to do this, you know. We could just go and get take out McDonald’s and skip the car sex altogether.”

“No, I want to do this. It’s just hotter when it’s you making me, you know?”

“I can work with that. Now come here.”

Her hands slide under your skirt, fingers gently tracing your thighs and finding their way to your cunt.

“No underwear. Good girl.”

“Just in case you didn’t have scissors.”

“I do. And blankets and an extra hoodie and a nice, thick dildo to fuck you with.”

“What about your harness?”

Instead of answering, she turns and drops her jeans – her tight jeans that make her arse look incredible – to show you her new leather harness.

“You look so good in that.”

“Oh I know. I wanted to be ready for you, so all I have to do is slide the dildo into place and lie back and watch you sit down on my dick and ride me. And you’re going to be a good girl and spread your legs and touch yourself for me in the car, aren’t you? The drive will be far more interesting if you’re squirming next to me. I want you desperate before I even touch you.”

You whine and she laughs.

Go and get in the car, slut.”

This is going to be so much fun.

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