I tried to follow this advice and take a nude with bows on my nipples. It felt wrong and the pictures didn’t work, but I didn’t realise why until I sent one to Molly Moore for her opinion. She suggested I move the camera lower, focussing on my dick with the red bows as my balls. With her directing me, I snapped photos that made me feel masculine and strong and sexy as fuck.

I still fall into the trap of trying to be ‘sexy’ as a woman when I’m not one. Sometimes I don’t notice that I’m trying to make myself attractive to other people at the expense of feeling good about myself. I worry that cis men, in particular, won’t find me attractive as a guy, so I choke down the feelings of wrongness. After all, what value do I have outside of my fuckability? I need them to find me attractive, because that’s how I know I have worth.

Except it’s not, of course.

Unlearning that is hard. Believing that I have value is hard, especially when my depression bran lies to me. I’m also still figuring out how to be sexy as a guy. It’s not that men can’t take nudes with bows on their nipples, it’s that I was only doing it to perform my sexuality for other people. It’s far more powerful to take nudes where I know I’m hot as fuck, and don’t care whether other people agree because I feel so right in my own body.

Merry Christmas you lovely fuckers. Here’s to more dick pics in 2022!

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  1. The words, the pic, the increasing confidence. I love it all and sexy as hell.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too.

    I’m still trying how to figure out being sexy as a male and I’ve had a dick my whole life. Let me know when you figure it out.

  3. Great image and beautiful focus. I’m glad Molly was able to help redirect you till it looked and felt hot.
    Great sexy image.
    Missy x

  4. I fucking love this!

    And I know exactly where you’re coming from, I also keep falling into that trap. I want to be sexy to others, yet trying to be me too seems to take the sexy away.

  5. Ahhh mate, I made some suggestions you ran with them and totally nailed it in the process. I think the resulting image is hot and fucking fuck!


  6. everything the other commenters wrote
    i think you are hot hot HOT

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