Four ways I want to fuck Tony Stark

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I want to fuck Tony Stark.

The first time I can remember being turned on in public – or at least, what I imagine was arousal even though I didn’t understand what my body was doing at the time – was watching The Avengers in the cinema. It was 2014 and at fourteen I didn’t understand why I was so into the scene where Iron Man and Captain America faced off. I couldn’t explain why the tension between them in that moment was so hot. Now, however, I can articulate why two incredibly powerful (to say nothing of hot) men verbally sparring plays turns me on – and I also know I want to fuck Tony Stark.

(Thank you to The Other Livvy for her brilliant writing about which MCU characters she’d like to fuck, and for encouraging me to write about the ways I want to fuck Tony Stark.)

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When he’s sweaty in his workshop

Stark spends most of his films either in a suit or in the Iron Man suit, so I had to hunt hard for the image above to use in this post. I wouldn’t say no to him in a suit, of course – preferably with him whispering filth in my ear in an inappropriately public place, or with his dick out and me sucking him off while he takes a business call. Iron Man is one of the more polished heroes, one who definitely cares about looking good, but he’s definitely at his most attractive when he’s sweaty and dirty and getting physical as he builds things. There’s less ego and performance and far more ‘please fuck me on the floor of your workshop’. 

Which is definitely what I want him to do. I want to watch him building things, getting increasingly sweaty and grunting with physical exertion. I want to perv on his arms in that tank top, and think about him. And then I want him to notice my shameless perving and do something about it: namely fuck me very, very hard. I want him to push me to my knees and fuck my mouth until I choke on his cock. I want him to roughly pull my jeans down just enough to expose my junk as he bends me over the worktop and tells me to brace yourself

I’d push back into him as he fucks me, meeting him thrust for thrust until we’re both sweaty and grinning. 

When I use the suit against him

While Stark is Iron Man, I’m definitely more interested in fucking him out of the suit than in it. However, he’s definitely too much of a fuckboy not to have built some sex tech into his suit, which would definitely be fun to play with. Think in-built, voice-controlled cock rings. Strokers, so he can essentially lie back in his suit while it gets him off. A cock ring that makes his dick vibrate while it’s inside you. Can you imagine yourself kneeling over him and rubbing the head of his cock against your clit, essentially using it as a vibrator?

I doubt Iron Man spends much time being submissive or vulnerable, but just makes the moments where he offers up his vulnerability so much hotter. Imagine him lying back and explaining that the suit would respond to your voice. I can hear the grin in my voice as I realise what he means, and instruct the suit to pin him down. Hands holding on to the headboard, maybe, and the crotch panel of the suit open so he feels exposed. He can’t buck his hips up into my cunt as I straddle him, teasing him by finger fucking myself when I’m so close to his hard, needy dick. 

He has all that power, but he’s made himself vulnerable so I can play with him. I want to ride him until he begs for permission to come.

When he DPs me with a fuck machine

Speaking of sex tech, I want to play with it all. My personal head-canon is that Dum-E, the hydraulic arm robot Stark built when he was at MIT, was originally developed to respond to voice commands so it could seamlessly hand him condoms and sex toys, but it was relegated to the workshop after spilling lube. Stark definitely has a fuck-machine. A powerful, highly sensitive fuck machine that would respond to commands like ‘fuck him harder’ and could be programmed to speed up when you clench around it. 

One that could would fill my cunt while he jerks off behind me, when the slickslickslick of him lubing up is cock to fuck my ass is the hottest sound ever.

Double penetration feels suitably filthy for a fuck with Tony Stark. I want to feel the tip of his cock pressed against my arse and tell him to hurry up and fuck me as through there’s not a dildo pounding into my cunt. I want the hungry feeling of something pushing into my ass, when suddenly I feel desperate to be filled. He’d call me a filthy fucking slut and make me beg him to touch my clit – and Tony Stark could definitely get me off with just his fingers.

When he takes out his frustration on me

Ego isn’t exactly a quality people look for in a sexual partner. After all, you want someone who will care about your needs and desires as well as their own. But with Stark, his arrogance is part of the reason I’m into him. (I have a weakness for very intelligent men who know exactly how clever they are.) His cockiness shines through in that scene that made me fall in love with the MCU – the one where Cap and Stark face off, where he’s so sure that he’s the smartest person in the room. 

I have said before that my ideal threesome with MCU characters is Iron Man verbally sparring with Doctor Strange while I jerk off. Two powerful men being clever and bantering as they argue, while I watch with my Doxy pressed against my junk? Yes fucking please.

But because Stark isn’t good at not being the smartest person in the room, it means he’ll often be walking out of the room frustrated. And his ego might not make him a good long-term sexual partner, but it would definitely make for a hot fuck when he takes all of that frustration out on me. I want one of the most powerful men in the world to pour his anger and annoyance into fucking me, not caring whether or not I get off on taking it. (I do.) He’d kick my legs apart and order me to keep them spread. He’d channel his frustration into a stream of filth that he whispers in my ear while he pulls my hair. Each stroke would feel like a punishment, and I’d be hungry for every single one.

The fuck would be hard and fast and leave me with bruises, because he wouldn’t be thinking about holding back and I’d feel all of his strength. I want to be able to look at those bruises a week later in the mirror, enjoying the reminder that Stark had gripped my hips to pull me back on to his cock. Enjoying the reminder that I’d fucked Tony Stark.

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