Who am I?

I’m Quinn Rhodes. Welcome to my blog, the sex-positive haven where I try to carry out my mission to encourage more open conversations about sex, sexuality and enthusiastic consent. Oh, and continue learning about my own body as I explore my sex-blogger super-hero kinky-as-fuck identity.

I’m a queer cis woman in my early twenties. I’m an intersectional feminist and mostly-submissive switch. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I’m also a kinky perv, who never thought I’d be fulfilling my childhood dream of being a writer by writing about sex.

Unlocking my sexuality has been a major part of the last few years for me, and I’ve come across sex bloggers who write things that inspire me, empower me, and give me the confidence to seek out the sex I desire.

Why write about sex?

Sex is fascinating. The sex education – or rather lack of it – I received growing up meant I spent a long time being scared of not only sex but my own body. It took a long time, a lot of fan-fiction, and the discovery that it is ok to like girls to get me to a place where I was ready to start exploring the fact I might want to have sex.

This means I’m extremely passionate about encouraging others to explore their sexuality, to talk to their partner or partners about sex, and to not feel ashamed of their desires. I also never run out of things to talk about: there’s always a few filthy fantasies floating around my head, as well as a feminist rant or two, and some thoughts about sex as a mentally ill person I’d like to share.

We live in a world that shames women for having sex, takes ‘straight’ as the default sexuality, and assumes a strict gender binary. With my little corner of the internet, I want to try to normalise female desire and encourage people to talk about sex. I hope that this blog will eventually add, just a little, to the accurate, sex-positive, pleasure-focussed information available for people of all sexualities and genders.

What should you expect here?

To me, words are the most powerful source of arousal, and my erotica is how I explore my kinks and things I might be into. I hope the insights to my filthy imagination I share here will help others start conversations about their own desires. I also review sex toys, rant about feminism, and talk about how mental health intersects with my sex life.

I’m also still learning. I can still tell you an exact number of orgasms I’ve had in my entire life, and I have vaginismus, meaning that any kind of vaginal penetration – especially PIV sex – currently seems like an impossible dream. I’m still working on understanding and being comfortable with my body, and I’m also unlearning years of internalised misogyny.

Thus, while I hope my blog will educate, inform and encourage exploration, at its heart it is my journey as I learn and explore. In the last year I’ve learnt how to make myself orgasm, experienced my first consensual spanking, come out as queer to my family and attended Eroticon – the London based sex blogging conference. It is these stories, and many more, that I share here.

This is an 18+ site, so please leave now if you’re under the legal age to access adult materials where you live. If you’re looking for reliable information about sex and relationships, please check out Scarleteen or Bish