Who am I?

Art by Charlotte Wilcox.

I’m Quinn Rhodes, a queer, trans and disabled sex blogger. Welcome to my blog, where I’m going to attempt to encourage more people to talk openly about sex, sexuality and enthusiastic consent – while also exploring who I am as a sex nerd with vaginismus.

I’m a bisexual and mentally ill sex writer in my early twenties who dreams of changing the world with my words. I’m a very, very genderfluid ethical slut. I can usually be found wearing stomp-on-the-patriarchy boots while falling in love every time I fuck.

I write about my vagina anxiety, mental illness, and adventures in learning to fuck without fucking up. I do my best to make my erotica as queer and trans as possible and try be vulnerable in my essays about depression and gender identity. I love creating fuck-positive content, and I can’t imagine finding any other topic as fascinating as sex.

I am an enthusiastic pervert rather than a qualified psychosexual therapist, but I’d also like to create sex education content. This is (obviously) an 18+ site, so please leave now if you’re under the legal age to access adult materials where you live. If you are and you’re looking for reliable information about sex and relationships, please check out Scarleteen¬†or Bish.

How I became Quinn

A queergender person with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a 'queer as in fuck you' black shirt and rainbow braces. They're blushing. Drawing.
Art by @egesusart.

I’ve been sex blogging for three years now, since a life-changing night when I decided that I would pull myself through an awful depression bump by starting a sex blog. When I started my sex blog, I could still count on one hand the number of orgasms I’d had in my life. Before the end of 2017, I had written more than I ever had for any one project before, made friends in the sex positive community, and met another sex blogger in person for the first time.

In 2018, I came out as queer to the people in my “real” life, went to Eroticon for the first time, and made a Big Life Change because sex blogging had reminded me how much I love writing. I also got outed as a sex blogger, and made the decision to face my fear and continue blogging – albeit under a different pseudonym. Since then I’ve had all manner of brilliant, kinky adventures.

I started 2019 with a threesome and went back to Eroticon as a speaker. I met my enboifriend (Quenby – more on them below) at a Smut Slam event where they told a story about their first time doing knife play. I asked them out afterwards and we had sex on our first date the next day. So far in 2020 I’ve come out as genderfluid and set up an entire side project where I give advice on how not to be a dick to trans and non-binary folks. The pandemic means that this year has involved less sex parties and swingers clubs, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and my sex drive.

Sex blogging has changed my life dramatically. As well as being an anonymous sex blogger, I’m a university student who keeps finding ways to put sex-positivity into my¬† assignments. I spend a lot of time writing about dicks in coffee shops, trying not to let strangers see my laptop screen. I dissect morning fucks over cr√™pes, lust over packers that I can’t afford yet, and write about my worst sex ever. Being a vocal trans person on the internet is exhausting, but I have brilliant friends with whom I fuck and flirt and go on fabulous adventures.

My life is frequently ridiculous and almost unbelievable, but I fucking love it. (I also love fucking.)

Why I write about sex

Art by @starboots_.

Sex is fascinating, but I spent a long time not only scared of sex, but terrified of my own body. It took a long time, a lot of fan-fiction, and the discovery that it is ok to like girls to get me to a place where I was ready to start exploring the fact I might want to have sex.

Because it took so long to be comfortable with the idea of having sex, I am extremely passionate about other folks being able to access better sex education resources. I want my blog to help encourage others to explore their sexuality, to talk to their partner or partners about sex, and to not feel ashamed of their desires. I think that it does, at least a little bit.

I’m still unpacking my own internalised misogyny and exploring my gender. I’m also still learning, and undoubtedly fucking up, but I think I have shit to say. I want to write the things that my fourteen-year-old self really needed to hear, even if I’d have been to scared to read them at fourteen.

We live in a world that shames anyone who is not a cis, straight man for having sex and a society that takes straight and cis as the default. This is deeply harmful to so many people. My aim is for my writing to add to the accurate, sex-positive, pleasure-focussed information available for people of all sexualities and genders. We’re starting to talk about sex but it’s often in ways that aren’t inclusive. That needs to change.

What you’ll find on On Queer Street

I’m very much still on queer street* – in that I’m exploring my kinks, my feelings about casual sex and intimacy, and the way I want to do relationships. My vaginismus means that any kind of vaginal penetration – especially PIV sex – currently seems like an impossible dream. I’m working on understanding and being comfortable with my body while also unpacking my gender dysphoria.

While I hope my writing here will educate, inform, encourage exploration, make folks curious (and/or horny). I want to work to remove the stigma around sex, sexuality, kink, non-monogamy and being trans, and at its heart my blog is a record of my journey as I learn and explore. I’ve discovered that I’m a switch rather than a submissive, learnt how to make myself come, and explored my gender identity. It’s these stories that I share here, in the form of personal essays about¬†boundaries, jealousy, consent¬†and self-dating.

I am absolutely more of a slut for words than anything else – a fact I’m sure is achingly evident through the filth I post on my blog. If you’re new to my blog and want to know where to start, I recommend you check out the pieces I’ve linked throughout this about me page for definitely feminist and political-ish pieces. If you’re here for the filth, right now I’m especially proud of ‘Bathroom sex, butt plugs and blushing‘,¬†‘Late night sofa fucks: pushing his face into her cunt‘, ‘Making him fuck himself on their fingers‘, and ‘Corruptible innocence‘.

*My blog’s name comes from the old English slang phrase ‘on queer street’, which would be used to describe someone in difficulty or uncertainty of some kind. It was coined before the word ‘queer’ was first used as a synonym for ‘gay as fuck’, but it very much works for me with today’s meaning of the word too.

Blog character cast

I am a solo poly slut – which means (in my simplified explanation) that I’m my own primary partner. I am the person who I’m building my life around, but there are lots of other wonderful humans in my life. The ones I write about here get nick-names to help preserve their anonymity – though if follow me on Twitter you might be able to figure out who they are anyway.

Quinn Rhodes – Yours truly. Hopefully you have a pretty good idea who I am by this point. Ze/hir/he/him.

Quenby – My enboifriend, a very cute queerdo who I’ve now been dating for a whole year. Comedian, writer, and occasional poet; nerd, perv, and feminist who looks great in stockings. I love them a lot. Them/they.

The Nerd – A new play partner, who is a giant nerd and even bigger pervert. BDSM erotica writer, rigger and porn performer who initially didn’t believe how good I am at sucking dick. He/him.

Andro-babe crush – A long distance play partner and friend, who I wish was less long distance. Non-binary, polyamorous, queer writer, speaker, and educator who makes me feel like a goddam queen. They/them.

Ben Gross –¬† A cis boy who I recently saw for the first time in four years and didn’t end up fucking. His name is a reference to the character in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, which might reveal something about my high school experiences. He/him.

The Poet – The fuck-buddy who I was having experimental kinky sex when I first started writing my blog. Now a dear friend with whom I (consensually) overshare about my sex life and bowels. He/him.

The Doctor – A close friend with whom I shared my first threesome. Queer, kinky and polyamorous lover of musicals. A brilliant writer who has taught me so much about intersectional feminism. She/her.

Mr N. – The Doctor’s primary partner and part of my first threesome. Perverted sadist who gives excellent aftercare and who was the first person I made come with my mouth. He/him.

The Writer¬†– A friend with benefits who was maybe more benefits than friend. I’m no longer flirting or fucking with him, but I’m not totally over his dick. A cruelly playful sadist. He/him.

Proudest moments

I’m super proud of everything I’ve achieved since starting my sex blog – I never thought I’d be fulfilling my childhood dream of being a writer by writing about sex. Here are some of my proudest moments

  • Getting paid to write for the first time ever – I still have the ¬£20 note Girl on the Net paid me with for that article.
  • Being ranked number twenty on Molly Daily Kiss’ Top 100 Sex Blogs list in 2018 and number three in 2020.
  • Speaking at Eroticon, the London-based sex writing conference, in March 2019. I presented a session called ‘Is representation in erotica dirty?’ that got a mention in ETO Magazine in April.
  • Being a finalist in the UK Blogging Awards’ sex blog category, and being featured¬†in Kinkly’s Top LGBTQ, Erotica, and Sex Toy Review Blogs of 2019.
  • Launching my audio porn project in and getting my aural filth featured ina Vice article: Under the Covers with Britain‚Äôs Audio Porn Creators.
  • Writing semi-consistently for three whole years, creating fuck-positive content and growing as a writer.
  • Getting published in Refinery 29.

If you have a question that I haven’t answered here, please get in touch! You can find details of how to contact me here. If you want to hire me to create fuck-positive content for you, check out my work with me page.¬†