A pink 'black trans lives matter' sign is held up at a pride protest. Photo.

On Thursday, a friend messaged me to ask how I was holding up “re the whole JK Rowling clusterfuck”. I looked at their text for a long time before I was able to reply, because even telling them how I felt utterly impossible. I didn’t know how I felt. For the last few weeks I’ve been powered by anger and frustration and a determination to change the world, but right now? Right now I just feel numb.Read More →

A protestor holding up a 'black lives matter' sign. Photo.

Black lives matter, and there is no sexual liberation until BIPOC have sexual liberation. I didn’t want to keep writing about sex this week without acknowledging that BIPOC are the reason we have body positive, sex positive spaces. I know I have a lot of work to do when it comes to learning to be anti-racist, so today I’m taking a break from posting new content to highlight some BIPOC sex educators that any white people reading my blog should follow.Read More →

Boobs with the nipples covered by hands facing a laptop while a white bra has been discarded. Photo.

Patreon: the best way for artists and creators to get sustainable income connect with fans. Unless you create any sort of adult content, of course. Right now Patreon has no problem with me using their platform to help me make audio porn… providing that I don’t link to Patreon from anywhere I also express my sexuality. After almost a month of dealing with this sex-negative censorship, all I want to do is say ‘fuck you Patreon’.Read More →