Just like my gang-bang smut focussed on the aftermath of a fuck session, on the proper gang-bang etiquette, this piece doesn’t focus on the sex itself but the lead up. This is not a practical guide to help you prepare to go dogging. This is a filthy story about how one might prepare to go dogging if you’re a submissive and exhibitionist bisexual woman whose dominant girlfriend wants to make sure you feel thoroughly used.Read More →

What is the proper post-gang bang etiquette? If your boyfriend has invited your ex and two of your closest friends round so you can celebrate your birthday by getting well and truly fucked by several dicks, what do you do afterwards? Does everyone head home after they’ve used your holes? Or do your friends stick around to make you blush while you all eat breakfast?Read More →

Recently I texted a friend that I was writing about anal sex in coffee shops. I clarified that I was writing about anal sex while sitting in a coffee shop, but he suggested that I should write about having anal sex in coffee shops. So here’s some filth about fucking in coffee shop toilets – I hope you enjoy this as much as I’m sure he will.Read More →

I fucking love audio porn. Listening to filthy sex stories read aloud was how I learned to make myself come. I would lie on my front and bury my face in the pillow, letting the hotness of the words burn through me as I desperately ground my clit into a vibrator. I still use audio porn if I’m struggling to come, because hot words are the fastest way for me to reach orgasm. I’m also into the idea that you can enjoy erotic audio stories anywhere, without anyone knowing what you’re listening to, which is what inspired this smut.Read More →

Ready for more not-quite-public sex? This one’s all about exhibitionism and being fucked so hard that you can’t stay quiet, even though you know people are going to hear you. If you haven’t done so yet, you should read part one (where he starts it) and part two (when she gets him back). This part plays more heavily with the idea of being fucked in a slightly-against-your-will way, so please don’t read on if that kind of thing will make you uncomfortable.Read More →