A black afab person in dungarees, a stripy top and glasses grins at the camera with their eyes closed. Photo.

Last week I wrote about how exhausting it is to be a trans person right now. I wrote about fear and anger and sadness and burn out and feeling numb. I’m really glad I wrote that post, but writing it – and some of the conversations that writing it sparked – reminded me that I can’t explain my gender in one word, or even in a simple sentence. My gender identity is changing all the time as I explore it, and I love that.Read More →

A pink 'black trans lives matter' sign is held up at a pride protest. Photo.

On Thursday, a friend messaged me to ask how I was holding up “re the whole JK Rowling clusterfuck”. I looked at their text for a long time before I was able to reply, because even telling them how I felt utterly impossible. I didn’tĀ know how I felt. For the last few weeks I’ve been powered by anger and frustration and a determination to change the world, but right now? Right now I just feel numb.Read More →

An afab person wearing boxers uses their fingers to spread the fly of their grey boxers to reveal red lace panties that they're using as a packer. Photo.

I’m having fun exploring my gender presentation. Of course, gender expression doesn’t have to equate gender identity, but since coming out as trans I have been playing with a more masculine gender presentation. I’ve almost entirely given up wearing knickers in favour of boxers – but my knickers have not been entirely discarded. There’s something very gender affirming about packing with lace panties…Read More →