Philadelphia pride flag pinned to a denim jacket. Photo.

Today I’m super excited to share this awesome guest post with you today. In her words, Caress Scarbrough (She/They) has been coaching and consulting for 25 years, focusing on sexuality and relationship coaching for the past five years. She is a principal coach and co-founder of Mindful Passions International and a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) consultant. Caress is a proud Black, Queer, Disabled, Non-Monogamous Leathergirl who advocates for the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Poly, Kink, and Disabled communities in every aspect of her life. In my words, she’s a fucking bad-ass and I dropped everything to read her post on American queer blackness as soon as itRead More →

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I was thrilled to find a second BDSM-meets-Bake-Off erotica entry in my inbox earlier today. Inez Sinclair (Incognita) is a freelance NSFW voice actress and storyteller with a background in technical writing and cultural folklore. She’s recently directed her creativity to erotica, as an outlet for her fantasies and as a way to continue advocating for unique stories and dynamics in sexual settings. Find her on Twitter at @IncognitaVa, where you can let her know if her words left you with – ahem – stiff peaks.Read More →

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I was delighted to wake up to an email with a Great BDSM Bake Off entry in my inbox today from Sami, a new-to-me writer. Sami is – in their words – a 30-something polyam enby living in Chicago. Their favourite hobby is sword-fighting, and they are looking forward to getting back into a writing habit in 2020. Find them on Twitter at @tangledupqueer. Their story, Baking Takes Patience, is short, sweet, and super hot.Read More →

Close up of a luxuriously iced and decorated chocolate cake. Photo.

While I will confess to enjoying every email I receive from Peter Birch, this one was particularly delightful. He doesn’t have a blog himself, so didn’t think he could enter my Great BDSM Bake Off erotica competition. However, I didn’t want to keep this deliciousness to myself, so offered to post it as a guest post and I’m very glad he was up for that! Thus may I present, for your pervy enjoyment, the first piece of BDSM-meets-Bake-Off filth to land in my inbox: Charlie and the Chocolate Cake.Read More →

A genderqueer person in a hospital gown looking up and receiving a pelvic exam.

I am super excited to present today’s guest blog. Kelvin Sparks is an intersex trans man whose pronouns are he/him/his, and he runs a brilliant sex blog full of toy reviews and sex-education-y essays. You can also find him on Twitter, where he says clever and insightful sex positive things things – which have recently included the importance of inclusive language around reproductive healthcare. As a cis woman, while I feel helpless about the attack on abortion rights just now, I also recognise my own privilege when it comes to being included in these conversations. Because of this, I reached out to Kelvin to askRead More →