I tried to follow this advice and take a nude with bows on my nipples. It felt wrong and the pictures didn’t work, but I didn’t realise why until I sent one to Molly Moore for her opinion. She suggested I move the camera lower, focussing on my dick with the red bows as my balls. With her directing me, I snapped photos that made me feel masculine and strong and sexy as fuck. I still fall into the trap of trying to be ‘sexy’ as a woman when I’m not one. Sometimes I don’t notice that I’m trying to make myself attractive to otherRead More →

I bought these sweatpants over a year ago, specifically to take this photo. I should call them ‘tracksuit bottoms’ or ‘joggers’ really, but I bought them specifically to tap into the autumn horniness of grey sweatpants season. Today I hit a new milestone in the process of stepping into my gender: I took photos to show off my dick print in grey sweatpants.Read More →