Banana on a red background, encouraging you to think of an erect dick. Photo.

I can’t put things in my vagina. I take anti-depressants, which means I don’t always get wet when I’m turned on. While theoretically I know that this doesn’t make me “broken”, I still feel like my body isn’t working properly. However, the pressure on me to have PIV sex or to get wet when I’m aroused is equalled – or possibly surpassed – by the pressure on folks with penises to get hard. So today I’m talking erectile disfunction, and what it feels like when our bodies won’t cooperate.Read More →

Hands holding a black silicone butt plug and a condom. Photo.

Sex toys you can use as a couple are no different to sex toys you could use on your own, but it’s sometimes hard to switch things up in the bedroom. From new sensations to exploring kinks to having more orgasms, sex toys can bring a LOT to the table, and even if you have to sit down and talk to your partner about potentially feeling ‘replaced’ by your sparkly new dildo (they shouldn’t!), it’s totally worth it.Read More →

Today I depart from my usual blogging schedule to bring you a sponsored post. It’s a little outside my comfort zone, but the more I thought about the idea the more I decided I wanted to write something – to process my thoughts at least, and definitely to invite others to share their thoughts.Read More →