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Today I’d like to introduce the newest member of my blog’s character cast: The Nerd, because we followed a very civilised coffee date with very hot hotel sex. He fucked me with rope and hurt me in all sorts of deliciously sadistic ways, but the highlight of the evening just might be the blow job. I love sucking dick, so today I’m going to talk about the magical experience of sucking him from soft to hard.Read More →

A naked man lies back holding his hard cock upright in his fist. Photo.

This isn’t my post about the week of orgasm denial I endured before I saw my enboifriend last week, but it is a story inspired during my edging during that week. I find the idea of two – or more – dominants discussing whether I get to come and making it clear that I don’t get a say very hot. So, what about a queer cis guy and his non-binary partner having a serious discussion about whether their subby trans boyfriend gets to be released form his cock cage or not?Read More →

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A monthly Share Our Shit Saturday post worked pretty well for me last year, so my plan is to keep going with this blogger positivity format in 2020. As well as trying to write more this past month, I did my best to read more as well, and I definitely have some fabulous sex positive shit to share with y’all from January 2020.Read More →

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It sounds silly and utterly cliche to say that falling in love has taught me to love myself more, but it has. WhileI want to be a good person, a person worthy of dating them, they look at me as though I already am. Self-acceptance is something I have always struggled with, but I’m slowly beginning to rethink the ways I see myself. I’m learning a lot from my first relationship – including that being needy isn’t a bad thing.Read More →