Just like my gang-bang smut focussed on the aftermath of a fuck session, on the proper gang-bang etiquette, this piece doesn’t focus on the sex itself but the lead up. This is not a practical guide to help you prepare to go dogging. This is a filthy story about how one might prepare to go dogging if you’re a submissive and exhibitionist bisexual woman whose dominant girlfriend wants to make sure you feel thoroughly used.Read More →

I bought these sweatpants over a year ago, specifically to take this photo. I should call them ‘tracksuit bottoms’ or ‘joggers’ really, but I bought them specifically to tap into the autumn horniness of grey sweatpants season. Today I hit a new milestone in the process of stepping into my gender: I took photos to show off my dick print in grey sweatpants.Read More →

What is the proper post-gang bang etiquette? If your boyfriend has invited your ex and two of your closest friends round so you can celebrate your birthday by getting well and truly fucked by several dicks, what do you do afterwards? Does everyone head home after they’ve used your holes? Or do your friends stick around to make you blush while you all eat breakfast?Read More →

Am I a slut? In some ways the answer is easy. By my feminist, sex-positive reclamation of the word ‘slut’, I am one. I love sex. ‘Slut’ is a word I claim proudly, because there is power in owning my sexuality as a person with a vagina, who has always been told sex is not for me to enjoy. There’s also power in owning my sexuality as a queer man, because our cisheteronormative society is still scared of men who fuck men. But recently, I’ve begun to think about the pressure I feel to perform my sluttiness. I’ve begun to worry that I define myRead More →

This year, Smutathon are fundraising for two amazing charities who support trans and non-binary folks. We’re working with Gendered Intelligence in the UK and Trans Lifeline in the US. With less than twelve hours until I hop on a train down to London to join other members of the committee for some in-person smut writing, I want to talk about how much this year’s charities mean to me personally. I want to talk about how I wish trans people didn’t have to be so fucking strong.Read More →