Hands holding a black silicone butt plug and a condom. Photo.

Sex toys you can use as a couple are no different to sex toys you could use on your own, but it’s sometimes hard to switch things up in the bedroom. From new sensations to exploring kinks to having more orgasms, sex toys can bring a LOT to the table, and even if you have to sit down and talk to your partner about potentially feeling ‘replaced’ by your sparkly new dildo (they shouldn’t!), it’s totally worth it.Read More →

A woman sits backwards on a chair, so her crotch is obscured and her striped stockings and tits are on display. Photo.

We’re officially starting this year’s festive filth, because my planned post on building fantasies couldn’t stand up to this brilliant prompt photo. These candy-cane striped stockings gave me all sorts of dirty thoughts, including one about a struggle-fuck where a submissive squirms against her bounds.Read More →

Spread legs reveal pubes, a pink cunt, and a green sparkly butt plug. There is lube-y mess everywhere. Photo.

I love how I can make you hard. It’s a playful kind of power, one I yield with enthusiasm and an innocent smile that doesn’t fool anyone who knows how filthy I really am. But when I’m trying to make you hard – with words and photos and teases –  I often feel compelled to hide the fact that sex can be messy.Read More →

Laptop, phone and notepad on a white desk. Graphic.

If this is going live on Saturday morning, it means that I’ve probably written it instead of doing Responsible, Adult-y things that have pre-Saturday morning deadlines. Oh well, at least I’m sharing my some of my favourite pieces of November’s sex positive shit with y’all.Read More →

A lube-drawn heart and vaginal dilator sit on fluid proof sheet between someone's thighs. Black and white photo.

Today I’m super excited to share today’s post with y’all, and – if I’m being totally honest – I’m super proud that I got my hands on a set of Sheets of San Francisco fluid proof sheets to review! It’s a review-with-a-twist, of course, because right now I’m having fun approaching sex toys from unconventional perspective because I can’t use them in the ‘traditional’ way because of my vaginismus.Read More →