Hands holding pink rabbit vibrator and iPad above black bedsheets. Photo.

Social distancing and self-isolation has everyone talking about masturbation, whether they’re too stressed to have sex or are eagerly embracing wanking from home. For me, social distancing has come hot on the heels of a period frustratingly low libido. As I haven’t been coming much in the last month, I’m now actively trying to mix up my masturbation habits.Read More →

Young lesbian couple kissing each other on a city street. Photo.

This filthy idea appeared on a day I was supposed to be scheduling blog posts in Starbucks, and instead all I could think about was exchanging hot, hungry kisses with a girl who just happened to have a paid of cuffs in her bag. However, I would like to make it clear that I have never airdropped my nudes to anyone while writing in a coffee shop.Read More →

Somewhat blurry but still sexy photo of an afab person in purple skinny jeans and a strap-on harness with a large turquoise dildo. Photo.

I may not be at Eroticon this year, but there are traditions to uphold. Traditions like debuting a new pair of jeans at the Friday night Meet and Greet, and carrying dildos around in my handbag all weekend, just in case. I don’t have to be in London this weekend to draw strength from the sex blogging community.Read More →

This photo inspired so many filthy thoughts, especially because I want to grow as an erotica writer and write more smut featuring masc characters right now. The act of shaving (or being shaved, *swoon*) is hot in itself, but today I want to focus on the anticipation that shaving before a big scene can bring. For example, how would it feel if you were preparing for your dominant to lock up your dick in a cock cage?Read More →