The last six months have marked a significant increase in the amount of butt stuff I’ve experienced when it’s my arse that’s being played with. I’m still building up what I can take when comes to anal play, but if my body is up for it I’ve discovered that I really like it – especially the feeling of a butt plug pushing inside my ass.Read More →

Two people sit in front of a Christmas tree, holding glasses of champagne. Photo.

We’re back on track with festive filth today, and I am again exploring the idea of bets that decide who gets to top that night. Especially when the winner gets to claim an ass fuck of some sort, because rough butt sex forfeits feel deliciously mean. Also, can you tell I’m really into making subby boys wear butt plugs just now?Read More →

A hand wearing a pink latex glove holds up an unwrapped condom. Photo.

Right now I’m in significant amounts of pain and feel extremely gross. I’m feel more present in my body than I have for a while, but I also don’t want anyone to touch me. My libido has begun to increase, however, so I want to fuck again, just without any touching. This femdom filth is inspired by this idea.Read More →