What is the proper post-gang bang etiquette? If your boyfriend has invited your ex and two of your closest friends round so you can celebrate your birthday by getting well and truly fucked by several dicks, what do you do afterwards? Does everyone head home after they’ve used your holes? Or do your friends stick around to make you blush while you all eat breakfast?Read More →

A Black amab person and a white amab person kiss passionately. Photo.

There’s a guy I haven’t fucked, but who I’ve thought about fucking. I’ve thought about fucking him a lot. Because I haven’t fucked him yet, I dream about fucking him: filthy, explicit dreams that leave me waking up hot and horny, grinding my junk into the sheets in search of friction. Last night I didn’t just dream about this boy but about two of his friends as well. Two of his best friends, who helped me fuck him. For the purpose of this story, let’s call them Oliver and Liam, because I want to talk about how hot it was to watch the boy getRead More →