A cup of coffee and laptop sit on a coffee shop table.

Quite a bit of my erotica is set in coffee shops, because they’re my favourite place to write and I get inspired by the different ways I wish I could fuck there. I really miss my productivity when I work around other people, which I obviously cannot access during lockdown. However, in mourning this part of my pre-COVID routine, I ended up writing about some of sexy things I can no longer do in coffee shops.Read More →

Denim jeans with a yellow shoelace looped into a heart shape sticking out of the pocket. Photo.

I often wear skirts. Even in winter, I will combine skirts or knitted dresses with thick tights. Yesterday’s adventures, however, required something warmer and sturdier as I wasn’t exactly sure where the adventures would take me. Sitting in a coffee shop last night, I realised that there is an advantage to wearing a skirt: easier access for sex.Read More →