Shadows of legs fall across the black-and-white wooden floor. Photo.

I’m currently playing with my vaginal dilators, which is in general a painful but super fascinating adventure. I definitely plan to blog about it more in the future – after all, what’s the point of having a sex blog if you can’t share your tentative steps into putting things into your cunt? Today, however, you get a stream of filthy thoughts directly from my cunt mind, because my current desire is to feel come dripping out of my cunt.Read More →

A pair of white lacy knickers sit next to a red heart and a condom. Photo.

I’ve previously written a piece of festive themed filth about guys in knickers, but it’s I find incredibly hot and thus is likely to come up again on occasion. Despite the lack of a willing model, I have no shortage of ideas for erotica focussing on this particular kink.Read More →

I’ve been thinking recently about how I’ve been told that I am apparently sexier when wearing my glasses, but despite this I generally take them off for sexy fun. I hope you enjoy where my filthy imagination took my ponderings-on-the-sexiness-of-glasses.Read More →