The Bake Off tent, filled with baking implements and kink and sex toys.

Tonight folks will be tuning into the final of the tenth series of the Great British Bake Off, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be left wanting more. Bake Off is by far my favourite TV show, and I’ve written a piece of erotica – The Great Filthy Fuck On – that is inspired my some of the more pervy thoughts I’ve had while watching it. And surely I’m not the only one who likes to combine Bake Off and BDSM?Read More →

A rolling pin and dumpling-like pastries sit on a floured work bench.

We’ve reached Week 9 of the Great British Bake Off and I haven’t written any baking-and-BDSM filth yet! In an effort to rectify that, I have written something inspired by an impact play scene with my delightfully masochistic partner… though it didn’t actually feature a rolling pin used in deliciously perverted ways.Read More →

A black girl wearing a pink ball gag, collar and kitten ears. Drawing.

I have kink adventure planned for the coming weekend, so (consent pending) I’m going to get to make-out with two incredibly attractive humans. This piece of smut is dedicated to one of them, in the hope that it will remind her that she’s said she would do (consensual) evil, revenge things to make me wet when we next play together. It’s about a BDSM-y ritual that a couple undertake before their night at a kink club, and contains a little bit of humiliation play and pet play.Read More →

An open notebook with a hand holding a pen and adding new items to a checklist.

Waking up this morning, the world seemed dull and dreary, and my unwritten to do list seemed ridiculously long. This erotica takes that as a starting point and plays with the idea that you are not defined by your productivity, but in a Dom/sub context, where you can be useful as a good little fucktoy for your girlfriend. I hope you like this smut – I definitely felt better after writing it.Read More →

In autumn, I bought a gorgeous mustard-yellow scarf for myself. It was warm and soft and despite its habit of shedding fluff everywhere I love it. (Seriously, everything is covered in fluff right now, including partners I have fucked since buying the scarf because the fluff travels with me.) I’ve worn it a lot in the last few months, and thus have had plenty of time to come up with lots of deliciously pervy ways it could be used “against” me…Read More →