A woman in stockings and high heels holds a heart-shaped red gift box against her calf. Photo.

Ready for your last piece of festive filth (possibly) from me this year? I’ve spent much of last week playing with the potential hotness of giving a pair of panties as a present, but it took me a while to work out what would happen after the panties got unwrapped.Read More →

A man looks down so his hair covers his face. Photo.

I had such carefully planned filth to share with y’all today… and then got fixated on one particular image and found that my cunt was quite insistent that I shouldn’t write about anything else. Today, I’ve been thinking about how hot it would be to hold someone’s head in place so someone else can fuck their face. Like seriously, mmfff…Read More →

A man in jeans leans against a brick wall with his muscular arms folded. Photo.

This particular piece of smut (inspired by a throwaway line in this – unfinished – filthy story) counts as one of the pieces that I really pushed myself to finish. In the end, I’m glad I did, because I think I created something fun – even if it’s imperfect as fuck (and too long – again!). Read on for an alleyway blow job and a little humiliation.Read More →

Closeup photo of bass guitar player's fingers. Photo.

As I fell in love with a butch lesbian’s music this weekend, I feel a little guilty about making this piece about lusting over a cis guy’s guitar playing fingers. Right now, though, I’m on my period and feeling really awful, my fantasies are all about being held while I cry in foetal position… and as that isn’t going to happen, I’m going to write about sex that is spontaneous andĀ fun.Read More →

Today I desperately wanted someone to cup my tits and play with my nipples, because I was freezing cold and I wanted warm hands squeezing and playing with me. I’m not sure if today’s story is quite as hot or filthy as some of my other erotica, but for anyone who has ever fantasised about a taxi-ride blow job, you’llĀ love the last line…Read More →