Tonight, as I fall asleep with a hand between my legs, cupping myself over my knickers, period horn will mean I dream about sex. Last night I dreamed about puppy play – something I feel I’m now going to have to explore my thoughts on – and spanking, but tonight my thoughts are filled with darker fantasies. What follows is a piece of erotica featuring a fluid-bonded couple and the half-asleep sex they have.Read More →

This is my first ever guest post, kindly contributed by my very own Scottish boy. He is a wonderful and very kinky friend, and I was so excited when he asked if he could contribute something to my blog. He’s captured one of our favourite fantasies, and I hope you find it as hot as I do…Read More →

Two weeks ago, in the early hours of the morning, I reminded the guy lying next to me in bed that he’d told me to fight him. What followed was a glorious struggle, which ended with me on top of him, breathless from the orgasm he’d given me with his fingers. Struggle-fucking and playing with elements of consenting non-consent feature prominently in my fantasies right now, hence my attempts at writing this.Read More →