A book, wine glass and pair of glasses lie in front of a fire. Photo.

Here is another piece of erotica featuring people who at potentially going to read it. This isn’t the story I expected to write tonight, but right now – when I’m a little bit tipsy and very horny – it’s the only one I can think of, because this is how I want to get fucked tonight.Read More →

A red lipstick lies on a table. Photo.

This piece of erotica is wonderfully self-indulgent, as I imagine getting to interact with the kink dynamic of two of my current Twitter crushes. It’s something that will never happen, but I enjoy pretending that it could: that after wine, she’d have lipstick kissed on her thighs…Read More →

This week, there’s nothing hotter than the idea a cute girl convincing me to drink just one more glass of water so she can make me squirm for her. I had fun writing this one, exploring the hotness of power dynamics when it comes to piss play…Read More →