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I am a sex writer, and you absolutely can – and should! – hire me to create fuck-positive content for you. From sex-positive social media management to sex toy reviews, I’d love to work with you.

As a sex blogger, Ā I want my writing to encourage conversations about kink and consent; spread sex positivity; talk about mental health and body confidence; and normalise different kinds of desire, sex and relationships.

I want to work with inclusive, queer-friendly companies whose products and services I believe in, and help them increase their exposure. If you are an adult business or sex positive company and you would like to reach a new audience, increase your sales, build your SEO, or create legitimate connections to sex-positive readers, I would love to work with you.

If you want to work with me, please get in touch with me by emailing onquinnrhodes (at) gmail (dot) com.

Ways you can work with me

Here are some of the services I offer, but I’m not only flexible in bed and I’m always open to suggestions of other ways we can work together. I’m always looking for new challenges and ways I can grow as a sex writer.

Sex writing

Would you like me to create fuck-positive content for your website? Do you want to build your search ranking with quality content and SEO while also connecting to sex-positive readers?

  • From erotica and articles about sexual health to listicles about sex-positive media and informative pieces on kink, I am a competent and clever sex writer with a strong voice who is happy to tackle any topic related to sex, dating, sexuality, gender, feminism or kink.
  • I can write one-off pieces or become regular a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly contributor to your blog or website. I can write advice columns, personal essays, educational materials and product reviews as well as guest articles.
  • I’m also happy to help run and curate your blog by creating, posting and promoting content that is in line with your brand and will drive traffic to your website.

Are you a sex-positive, inclusive company who would like to get your name out there? Would you like me to promote you on my blog or social media and shout about how fabulous you are?

  • If you want to get your brand in front of my sex-having, kink-curious reads, you should sponsor a post on my blog. I can tailor content to your product or business, andĀ  I’ve written sponsored content for sex toy company DoxyĀ and other sex-industry businesses.
  • If you have a sex-positive service, product or site to promote, you can buy sidebar ads on my blog. In the past I have run ads for Parlour Talk.
  • I also offer social media sponsorship, where I will shout out your brand to my engaged followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Please check out my advertising disclosure policy to understand how I disclose advertisement and sponsored content on my website.

Social media

Do you need someone to run your social media? Do you need someone to create legitimate connections to your followers by tweeting and Instragram-ing with a voice that’s in line with your brand?

  • I can schedule tweets to promote your product or share old blog posts, or create would you like In the past I’ve done this for Parlour Talk.
  • Social media management:
Sex toy reviewing

Do you want your latest sex toy or piece of kink kit to be reviewed by someone who struggles to orgasm? Do you want the perspective of someone with vaginismus who might not use your product in a traditional way?

  • My vaginismus means I don’t currently have penetrative sex either alone or with partners, and being on anti-depressants means I struggle to orgasm without the help of toys. This means my reviews offer a unique perspective that can connect with others who struggle with pleasure and orgasms. As well as more traditional reviews, I write reviews-with-a-twist where I approach sex toys and kink kit in unconventional ways.
  • I especially want to work with and shout out companies who create or sell innovative, body-safe toys and approach sex from a non-cisheteronormative perspective.
  • Commissioning a review does not mean it is guaranteed to be gushing, but I promise to be fair, unbiased, knowledgable and I will aim to include as many positive points as possible.


If you’re interested in any of these services, or want to chat about other ways we can work together, please get in touch! Email me at onquinnrhodes (at) gmail (dot) comĀ to talk about your needs and my rates.

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