Inspired by the wonderful gift that is Exhibit A‘s December Dick Fest, which for those of you who haven’t come across it yet (and if you haven’t, I thoroughly advise that you do go check it out) is a “filthy phallic advent calendar”. It contains some fab photography and some high quality (in my opinion anyway) dick pics. Door number six, however, opened to reveal a photo of a guy wearing some very pretty knickers. This is a sight that I should inform you makes me make a strangled sound of oh god this is very hot. Once I could think coherently again, the idea for thisRead More →

Life may not really be going as planned right now, but I’m really excited to share today’s post. This story was inspired by the fabulous Hannah Likes Dirty Words‘ story, Girls, and I thoroughly advise you to go and check out her story.Read More →

When I most need to concentrate, I seem to end up procrastinating. When I set out to buy Christmas presents, I seem to end up buying at least one new thing for myself. Hence yesterday I remembered how fun mirrors can be, and today I have avoided my to do list in favour of writing about it.Read More →

This story evolved in my brain while I was sitting waiting for my nail varnish to dry – I’m now pretty confident that I can extract any moment of my day-to-day life and work it into a piece of erotica.Read More →

I’ve been thinking recently about how I’ve been told that I am apparently sexier when wearing my glasses, but despite this I generally take them off for sexy fun. I hope you enjoy where my filthy imagination took my ponderings-on-the-sexiness-of-glasses.Read More →