A woman lies back with her hand between her legs, knickers pushed to the side so she can touch her cunt. Photo.

My partner calls me a tease – a fair and accurate description given my investment in finding the words that will make them achingly hard and think about fucking me. But I remember, every time they say it with a fond grin or a playful groan, that for every person who affectionately calls me a tease, there’ll be another who’ll throw the words cock tease at me as an insult, or a justification.Read More →

Black women in lingerie lying in bed with a dating app open on her phone. Illustration.

If this isn’t the first blog post of mine you’ve ever read, you’ll probably know that I’m a sex nerd and fairly outspoken slut. It should thus come as no surprise that I’m a fairly explicit flirter – I prefer to directly tell someone that I’m into them and want to give them head in the bathroom. I have a feeling that my own directness might be why I seem to entirely miss it when folks hit on me.Read More →

White sanitary pad with red and pink flowers on it. Pink background. Photo.

I’m done with being subtle about my period. At least once a week I remember that I live in a country where period products are viewed (and taxed!) as a luxury, non-essential item, while Jaffa Cakes are not. Yes, we have seen significant steps forward in recent months to tackle period poverty, but the stigma around menstruation is still sticking around. And I’m fed up with it.Read More →