Feeling alive: an Eroticon poem

This was written for World Poetry Day. Until recently, I’d forgotten how much I simultaneously¬†love writing poetry and firmly believe that I have absolutely zero skill when it comes to doing so. I’ve tried to capture another part of amazing happiness of my weekend at¬†Eroticon, specifically feeling alive and free when dancing on the Saturday night.

I blush, I glow, I giggle
Smiling so wide my face hurts.

I try to flirt and grin and wiggle
Pushing my arse back into you.


I’m dancing, dancing, dancing
Not like no one’s watching, but like everyone is.

Giddy, high like a kite, laughing
Not looking but knowing your eyes are on me.


Wine, glitter and cat ears
I feel at home, safe and free.

Here, in half darkness, all my fears
Are carried away with the music.

Image sourced through Pixabay.


Fucked on a pub table
Pub gang bang

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