Getting a little revenge

This erotica is dedicated to the very cute girl who got to have lots of orgasms today while I wasn’t allowed to touch myself. I’m having a lot of fun flirting and negotiating with her and her partner, who I’m hoping I’ll get to play with later this month, and it is certainly generating lots of ideas for new smut…

For a few hours I squirm in my room. I have work to do, but when you’ve been edged and then sent away with very clear instructions not to touch yourself for the rest of the day, it’s very hard not to be aware of your wet, swollen cunt. I try to concentrate, but eventually give up and go to find her.

I hope he hasn’t told her, but the evil grin she gives me when she opens the door makes it clear that she knows exactly what he did to me. She smirks as she beckons me into her room, and I flush with embarrassment.

“Aww, you’re cute when you blush. It makes me want to hurt you.”

“I’m also cute when I get to touch my cunt,” I try, hoping that I can tempt her to touch me. I know we’d both get into trouble, but at least if she’d be punished alongside me.

“You’re cute when you’re drippy and desperate too.”

She snatches my skirt up before I can stop her, and I try to pull away as she examines my poor abused cunt.

“So wet: you’re such a filthy little slut. Did you come here to beg me to spank you? You know it will only make you more desperate, even if I’m not allowed to dip my fingers into your cunt. Or maybe you want me to put on my strap-on and fuck your tight little arse with my sparkly cock?”

She saunters back over to her desk, keeping up the stream of taunts designed to turn me on and humiliate me further. No one is better at it than her, but then she’s been practicing since long before she first finger-fucked me, reducing me to a quivering mess on my desk as she told me I’d have to ask nicely before she’d let me come.

“You’re pathetic. Remember before you would admit what a little slut you were, and you asked for us to fill your cute little ass for the first time? You were so desperate to be filled in satisfied in some way that you begged for the thing you found so humiliating. Of course, now we all know that you’re a slut who loves any of your holes filled.”

I feel my cunt clench as she hoicks herself up onto her desk and raises an eyebrow. I can feel her thinking of mean things to do to me… but right now I want to be mean to her. There’s no release for me and my desperate cunt, but I can make her squirmy and desperate too. While she’s allowed to touch herself, but that doesn’t mean she cannot be denied an orgasm. She won’t be so high and mighty once I’ve reminded her that she’s just as much of a greedy little slut as I am.

Biting my lip so she doesn’t see my smirk, I move towards her and sit on her desk chair, pulling my skirt up so my cunt is on display.

“Good girl,” she smiles, leaning down to look at my wetness and using her stockinged foot to nudge my legs further apart. I get a glimpse of her cunt, revealing that seeing me so desperate has made her wet. Her foot is still on the chair, between my legs, so I run a finger up to her knee in a feather-light touch. She leans back, giving me a sceptical look.

“What are you doing, little slut?”

I look up coyly, feigning an innocent expression as my hand continued moving upwards. I trace light circles on her knee, and then finger step up her inner thigh, not breaking eye contact.

“What, are you telling me you aren’t wet? That seeing me desperate and dripping didn’t turn you on?”

She opens her mouth to speak but shuts it again when my finger comes within a butterfly-wing’s width of brushing against her clit.

“You call me a filthy little slut, but what does it say about someone who gets aroused just by seeing me like this? You want me to touch you, don’t you? Because you’re just as much of a slut as I am, and your clit is begging to be touched, isn’t it?”

She bites her lip, so I pull my hand away entirely. I put one hand on each thigh now, massaging her legs and rubbing slow circles with her thumb as I move up towards her cunt again.

“Are you ready to admit that you are a slut who wants me to touch her poor wee cunt?” I ask, when my hands are on her hips and my thumbs are just above her clit.

There is a moment when I think she’s going to win, when I think she’s going to say no and sneer at me as she pushes me away. Then she gives in.

“Touch me.”

“What was that?” I ask in a low voice, smirking with my lips an inch away from her wet cunt.

“Touch my cunt, you filthy slut,” she tries to order, but there’s no bite in her voice.

“That’s not very nice,” I say, stroking her labia oh-so-gently. I’m enjoying this. She gives a little moan of frustration and I grin.

“I am a slut too, now will you please touch my cunt? Please?”

There’s a desperate note in her voice now, which turns to a whine as I begin to rub her clit. Just as she knows how to tease me, I know how to get her off, and soon she is a pliant mess under my tongue and hands. She closes her eyes as she relaxes, muttering good girl and yes – the praise makes me glow, but it doesn’t change my plan for revenge.

It isn’t long until I can tell from the little moans she’s making that she’s about to come. I quicken my pace for three more quick circles of her clit… then stop entirely. She opens her eyes, searching for the orgasm that she’s expecting, and sees me grinning at her from her own bed.

“Fuck you, you evil little bitch…”

I’m laughing by the time she is on top of me, straddling my waist and grinding into me. I pull her down next to me, and she’s giggling too.

“Bitch,” she whispers softly, kissing my cheek as her arms snake around my waist.

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