Post-run shower sex

Following on from this post, I’m continuing with the theme of exercise domming… because apparently my words work as motivation for a pretty girl to be a very good girl and go running. I hope you all enjoy this too, and I think it shower bondage is something I want to try in real life as well my writing.

Did you know that even when you’re not wearing clothes, the hot thoughts about what you’re planning to do to your girlfriend are enough to keep you from shivering?

I have the nipple clamps and water-proof vibrator ready, as well as the new body scrub I picked up in town a few days ago. I’ve stripped to be temptingly naked, and I’m waiting for her in a perfect position to get her exactly where I want her. I’m touching myself, rubbing idle half-circles on my clit, thinking about getting my girlfriend into the shower. The hot water streaming down over her gorgeous curves, and wetness between her legs that is nothing to do with the fact we’re in the shower.

“Babe, I’m home,” she calls as she opens the door, but stops abruptly as she sees my glorious nakedness.

“Hey sweetie,” I grin, enjoying her eyes widening as she gazes hungrily at me.

“What are you doing?” she asks, looking somewhat uncertain as she closes the door behind her and steps on the heels of her running shoes so she can kick them off. “Have you been touching yourself?”

I dip my index finger into my cunt, and then hold out my wet finger to her. She steps forward eagerly, taking her finger between her lips and sucking, keeping eye contact with me. I shiver at the sheer hotness of the moment – but remembering my plans I pull my finger away from her mouth, smirking at her adorable pout.

She steps closer, leaning into kiss me, but I pull back. She gives me a stern look, and then leans in again, but I step away.

“Darling,” she says, a dominant note of warning in her voice that almost always makes me obey nowadays, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be forgiven on this occasion.

“Come and catch me,” I tell her, and turn and run. Our flat is small: she’ll catch me quickly, but I manage to get to the bathroom before she’s on me. She pins me to the back of the bathroom door, and kisses me roughly, but with her hands on my shoulders, mine are free to reach for the cuffs I left hanging on the door knob. I pretend to submit to her strength while she holds me in place and wiggles out of her clothes. When she’s naked it takes a lot of concentration to not melt into her lip-biting kisses and instead work on fastening a leather cuff around her left wrist, but I manage it.

I wiggle out of her grip and use the strap to pull her round. Tugging at the cuff so she is forced to follow me, I lead my confused girlfriend the two steps across the bathroom and clamber into the bath. When she’s joined me, I fasten the other cuff around her right wrist, and link them together over our oddly-placed shower rail, so she’s standing in the middle of the bath tub with her hands secured above her head.

She’s grinning at me now, reflecting my excitement back at me, and I lean forward to kiss her nose lightly.

“Mine,” I tell her, and she nods. I run my hands over her body, savouring the feeling of power as she all but quivers underneath my gentle touch. When I kiss her, it is soft and slow and I refuse to speed up, even when she’s grinding her cunt into my thigh.

“Why today?” she asks when I eventually pull away.

“You’ve been working so hard, you deserve a treat,” I tell her, reaching behind me and turning on the shower. “Turn around, please.”

She spins, and for a second, I watch the hot water run down her back – until I realise she’s wiggling her butt, desperate for my attention. I smile as I take the nipple clamps in my hand, and because she’s so relaxed under the spray that I know she’ll –


– gasp delightfully when I surprise her by pinching her nipples.

“Ssshhh,” I whisper into her neck as my arms reach around her and attach the clamps to her hard nipples.

“All mine,” I say, as I play with the clamps, enjoying my girlfriend’s little squeaks as I toy with her. I kiss my way up her neck, along her jaw and nibble her ear in the way that makes her squeal. I turn her around again, so our boobs squish together as we kiss and she moans into my mouth as the clamps pull on her nipples.

Water is running down our bodies, but when I reach between her legs I feel the warm heat of her arousal. I stop touching her – just for a moment, but her little whimper of need is adorable – to grab the waterproof vibrator that we bought on our last adventure to London. It’s a small clitoral vibe, and I know it will be too buzzy for her straight away. I use my fingers to tease her and gently play with her clit, so when I do run the vibrator up between her labia she arches into the sensation.

I kiss her again, enjoying the ridiculous freedom of the water running over us, but she pulls back and pouts at me.

“Babe, can I either have the vibe on my clit or your leg to hump against? I’m beginning to see why you always get so frustrated when I use these to tie you up for me.”

I pause, pretending I’m considering denying her, but a few moments later she’s moaning happily as I go about fucking her properly, the vibrator making practiced circles on her clit while two of my fingers seek out her g-spot. It feels so wonderful to have her entirely at my mercy and utterly absorbed in what I’m doing to her.

“Are you going to come for me?” I ask when I can tell she’s getting close.

“May I? Please?” she responds, I love the pleading note in her voice.

“Yes, come for me,” I say, and she buries her head in my shoulder as the waves of orgasm crash over her. Her cunt clenches and twitches around my fingers as she comes; it’s delicious.

I turn the vibe off and put it away, and carefully remove the clamps, grinning as she whines at the rush of blood back into her sensitive nipples. She looks at me expectantly, no doubt assuming that next I will release her from the cuffs, but instead I grab the body scrub.

“What, sweetie? Are you waiting for me to untie you? Nu-uh. I never get to have you all trussed up and looking so pretty for me. I’m nowhere near done with you yet.”

The little whimper she lets out is so cute that I kiss her. Unscrewing the lid, I dip my fingers into the yummy-smelling scrub and begin to rub it into her boobs – roughly, just how she likes it. She moans, quickly submitting to my plans upon realising that they involve my hands all over her.

I am pretty confident that she’ll be coming again before we get out of the shower.

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