Blogger positivity: August’s shit

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Am I still on my mini blogging hiatus? Am I back to writing non-stop filth? Even I’m not sure yet, but I am emerging from my pillow fort to share some of August’s sex-positive shit.

On a personal level, August’s been shit. Despite the utter cluster-fuck of the month, I managed to read some of my fellow sex bloggers’ brilliant writing. Please do all the clicking things and go and give these writers some love.

Evyan Whitney – Dildon’t Disrespect Black Femmes: Our Personal Experiences With Wild Flower Sex Shop

I couldn’t do a Share Our Shit Saturday post without including this 30-minute read where Black Femmes share their experiences with Wild Flower. It’s important to recognise that there is racial disparity within the sex blogging community, and I encourage white folks (in particular) to read the stories they have shared.

“These stories matter because there is no sexual liberation without racial justice. And this means that when Black femmes say they have been harmed, you rally with them and show with committed actions that you believe them.”

Mx Nillin – Monthly Fixation: Unpacking My Anxieties & Shame About Anal

I read this post just after writing about my own recent adventures in anal play and I loved this exploration of shame and self-consciousness that even sex-positive folks can have around anal sex. It’s important to be honest about body insecurities and the stigma that we still feel, no matter how sex-positive our writing is. This post was honest and vulnerable and a truly fascinating read.

“I need to reconnect with the positive sexual pleasures of anal stimulation and one of the best ways for me to do that is to spend some quality time exploring it again myself. Note to self: make a date with the bathtub and a toy.”

Cara Thereon – (In)Significant Third

Something in this post spoke to me so deeply – I’m definitely going to have to go back and read it in more detail to explore which pieces resonated with my own solo-poly-slut style of polyamory. I love discovering how different folks do polyamory, and I learn a lot from reading about Cara’s relationship. (And she also mentions crying, and I related to that too…)

“But I also get to be solo. I’m not single, but I’m still super independent. I consider my partner’s feelings when I make decisions, but large aspects of my life are mine to decide.”

Jayne Renault – On Taking It From Behind

You know those posts that leave you hot and squirmy? This one did that, because Jayne wrote about some of the deliciously filthy facets of getting fucked from behind. While I’m not sure that I’d have picked doggy-style as my favourite position, but this post made a very convincing argument for picking it if I had to choose one position to fuck in for the rest of my life.

I don’t always like it hard and fast, but when I do, I want it doggy-style. Not just because of hard easy for my partner to pound into me with abandon, but because of all the places they can put their hands.”

Smutathon – Donate!

I’m subverting my own rules here, because I wanted to put my Smutlancer Spotlight on the wonderful Smutathon writers ahead of their 12-hour filth-writing-adventure at the end of September. Smutahon is an annual fundraising erotic writing challenge, and this year they’re meeting in Montreal to write and raise funds for The National Network of Abortion Funds.

“At each event, a group of intrepid sex writers – bloggers, erotica authors, sex educators and more – would get together and write like mad things, each with their own personal challenge of words to complete, stories to write or chapters to finish.”

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  1. Thank you for the shout. Honestly, I’m still learning what works for me, but I’m glad it resonated with you. ?

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