Two Black gay men hold hands, with their other hands together forming a heart. Photo.

My Dad Wrote A Porno is a cultural phenomenon. While I could talk about how the podcast is frequently filled with body- and kink-shaming, it has me giggling as often as it has me shouting at the hosts that no, that’s not how BDSM works. However, as it’s LGBTQ+ History Month here in the UK, I thought I’d unpack one particular pet peeve: for a podcast where one of the hosts is a gay man, My Dad Wrote A Porno really doesn’t understand queer history.Read More →

Afab person in blue starry knickers wearing a black strap-on harness with a large blue-green dildo in it. Photo.

Being that my dick is the prompt for this week’s Masturbation Monday, I felt like I should write about my dick. But not the dick in this photo: it’s easy to talk about the hot things I could do with that dick. It’s much harder to talk about why it’s so much easier to keep wearing my knickers and strap-on while I have sex. It’s much less sexy to talk about why I might be scared of you going down on my cunt unless I can imagine you’re sucking my dick.Read More →

A black and white image of a girl in boxers sticking her middle finger up to the camera. Photo.

Earlier this week, UK-based sex toy brand Hot Octopuss launched their new anti-sex stigma campaign – Show Stigma the Finger. There is still so much taboo around sex and sexuality, and Hot Octopuss are doing some fabulous work to combat those stigmas and stereotypes. Today I’m joining in with their Show Stigma the Finger campaign, and am not-so-nicely telling heteronormativity to fuck off.Read More →