A blue top is pulled up to show tits with come on them. Photo.

A few weeks ago, I ended up having some incredible sex – specifically giving my fuck-buddy a spontaneous suck job in a bathroom that ended with come all over my tits. We fucked a lot over the three days we were together, but we both agreed that this was our favourite fuck. It was fun and impulsive, and entirely unexpected because we’d actually gone into the bathroom to indulge in a very different kink… but it felt very natural to take his cock in my mouth.Read More →

Smart phone on duvet cover. Photo.

Before I started working on this blog post draft again, I thought I had answered the sleep or sexting? question that I’d struggled with when I first started writing it. My depression makes it hard enough to get out of bed in the morning as it is, even when I get enough sleep. The logical thing to do for my mental illness is to chose going to bed over late night flirting every time. And yet…Read More →

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Black leather knee-high boots desending stairs. Photo.

Sitting down to write, my inspiration for this smut was simply leather boots. I don’t think I have a leather kink but I definitely have feelings about boots, and I’m delighted by the filth that ended up spilling from my fingers. Read on for smut that include humiliation, exhibitionism, and a kinky dinner party.Read More →

Woman with a glass dildo tucked under her chin. Black and white photo.

I have attempted double vaginal penetration with my play partners during my first time at a sex club, but the only element of that adventure that I’ve used here is using the idea of hard cocks and dildos for achieving double penetration – or rather, in this case, one of each. This filth is very BDSM-y, and features a little bit of consensual domming-into-doing-something-the-sub-finds-scary-but-isn’t-a-hard-limit, which I don’t have better words to describe than that.Read More →