A grapefruit half with the tip of a banana pushing into the middle - implying penetration. Photo.

I’m a sex blogger, but I hesitate to describe myself as a sex educator. I’d like to be a sex educator, but I don’t feel like that’s a title I can claim because I simply don’t know enough. I’m a huge sex nerd, of course, and I spend a lot of time thinking and reading and asking questions about sex, but there’s so much that I don’t know… including some things about my own body, like whether or not I can have anal sex with vaginismus.Read More →

A close up of a woman's wet cunt, with a string of arousal going from her clit to her finger. Photo.

May is Masturbation Month, so I’ve set myself the challenge of writting some erotica that is focussed on jerking off rather than fucking. Solo sex is – after all – just as valid a way to access pleasure, have fun, or relieve boredom as getting dicked down is, and today’s smut is a more-or-less fictional story about nostalgic wanks and how hot it can be to get worked up over someone you’re no longer fucking.Read More →

A shelf full of sex and kink books, with a small circular mirror in the middle, reflecting an afab person's crotch which they're holding a red dildo up to. Photo.

These are not the uncensored shelves of a sex nerd, but they are unfiltered and thus meet the requirements of Molly’s fiendishly difficult Sinful Sunday prompt for May. In reality, my books on sex and kink are not all arranged on one shelf but found scattered around my room arranged due to height and colour and author more frequently than subject matter.Read More →

Desk space featuring laptop and coffee cup on top of a pile of papers. Photo.

April 2020 went ridiculously fast, but I managed to sit still for long enough to read at least some sex positive shit. April 2020 is also a month where a bunch of sex bloggers got called out on their cissexist shit, but there was SO MUCH amazing writing published too – meaning that this month’s Share Our Shit Saturday post is longer usual because there is so much I want to shout out.Read More →

An afab person wearing boxers uses their fingers to spread the fly of their grey boxers to reveal red lace panties that they're using as a packer. Photo.

I’m having fun exploring my gender presentation. Of course, gender expression doesn’t have to equate gender identity, but since coming out as trans I have been playing with a more masculine gender presentation. I’ve almost entirely given up wearing knickers in favour of boxers – but my knickers have not been entirely discarded. There’s something very gender affirming about packing with lace panties…Read More →